As developed subcaliber bullet for smooth-bore gun

So, I would like to adopt from the moment that the hunting bullets are best suited the development of different kinds of shells smoothbore artillery. Need to explain the time that it was in anti-tank artillery has been made tremendously great progress, and then began the gradual change of the transition rifled barrel to a smooth. At that time it was possible to bring the seven millimeter smooth-bore «rapier», which has been able to overtake on the various characteristics of the gun D-44, which had a rifled barrel identical caliber. These differences were obvious to the developers, and therefore it was decided to create individual designs for shotguns intended for hunting. At that time, when I came to new developments, they were considered top secret, it does not allow competitors to produce of a supernova chucks. The idea of modernization of the combat projectile had absolutely no secret elements, in this case the conversion was allowed the deterioration of certain characteristics.

In fact, for such development from the experts were all at hand, and accordingly to develop something new, not too difficult. First of all, experts need to carry out the design, after which all parameters were transferred to the drawing and in just a few days there is a new bullet for smooth-bore hunting rifles. After development naturally, the bullet passed a certain test and only after that appeared in large-scale production. Testing a new cartridge was needed to many, as it was not specific data on how the weapon will behave with these bullets, the firing range will be. After the main instructor has signed the documents, was developed by the first batch of this ammunition for testing. Actually testing of course waited a number of special difficulties and the developers of this course knew.

First, there was absolutely no assurance that a regular powder, which is used in the cartridge, will be able to make a normal shot. Secondly, it was obvious that excessive overload and to somehow reduce, had pretty to smash his head. It was therefore decided to make only a small part of the cartridges for testing, there were only twenty. The cartridges were made of high strength steel, it was put milled stabilizers. I would also like to mention the fact that the bullets got a special hardness, it was about sixty units by Roxville. Were chosen for a charge during the implementation of the shots from ballistic barrel, each shot was measured with a special device. Measurements were required to determine the relevance of further production of these cartridges, as well as for implementation of any changes to obtain the best possible results.

If you are interested in weapons, then you’re probably familiar with the popular shotgun model TO3-34. This weapon was designed by the famous instructor Konovalovym. TO3-34 were presented at various exhibitions and on one of them he even managed to get the gold medal. The weapons were intended solely for hunting, but after some time it also developed a modification for sport shooting. The rest is now this weapon is not as unique as the change came a long time modern types of weapons, only a small portion of hunters, as before using this shotgun.

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