Are you searching for roach

In winter the roach is kept near the steep banks, where the depth reaches three meters, hiding behind a fallen in the water, trees, or aquatic vegetation. It is also found in close proximity to the pits and shallows. The change in elevation of the bottom of the favorite Parking spot of roach.


The trees on the banks of the river great indicator of the places roach. Fallen into the water leaves not only provide shelter, but also bring food, in the form of ants and larvae.

The rod and its equipment

The success of fishing in the fall will provide easy upgrades to tackle. To begin, you need the rod length of 5-6 meters with a rigid tip and a nod. It is easy to purchase at a bait shop or make your own from a piece of thin plastic. Perfect bottle of lemonade. Nod is attached to the carrying ring for the line, and the whole structure is mounted on the rod tip.

The coil is the inertial to slightly overload the rod. Forty foot scaffold supply will be enough for catching large roach and occasional bream. As the main fishing line is a cord with a thickness of 0.14 mm, it is attached to the leash slightly smaller diameter. Although you can catch without it. The hook should be replaced with the spinner 16, the numbers and gear ready.


The beauty of jigs is that the bait for them is not needed. They supplements well cope with its task. If the bite is weak, come to the aid of the dough, maggots, bloodworm and worm. Impaled on the hook of the lure these animals are able to shake the lethargic roaches.

Tweaks catching

Abandoned bait descends smoothly to the bottom. Further, the fisherman slowly, without jerks, raises the jig to a height of two feet and let her slowly sink to the bottom. Importantly, with this transaction, to avoid sudden movements that can scare the fish.

Another way of posting a «tease». Lowered to the bottom of the bait twitching of light, repetitive movements. Simulate thereby moving the insect or larva.

The third option for the transaction. The lure rises from the bottom to a height of 30 cm and goes down smoothly. Further, it is another raising, but at half the distance. And back to the bottom. The next lift to hold the jig at a height of 20 cm and wiggle from side to side. Again lower.

Groundbait for roach

In cold water gives good results with the use of bait. Will fit ready-mixed, store-bought, you can throw «meat». Take the bloodworms or chopped worm and added to the soil, taken on shore, and the catching place. Balls of this bait well sink and attract fish wiggling larvae.


Let the weather is not pleasant and cold outside. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of going fishing. Proper preparation will not only enjoy your favorite hobby, but return with a rich haul. A good bite!

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