Another secret great catch

Every fisherman dreams of a rich catch. There are stories about a very large fish. Stories about how with great difficulty the fisherman was able to drag the catch home. They even jokes went. Sense to tell them no… Because the name of these anecdotes are Legion. If you understand the purpose of each fishing, it will be interesting to read… How always with fishing, you can return with a rich haul. Especially if we are talking about ice fishing. Few «heroes» (or masochists) who wish to freeze in the cold and come home empty handed. However, there is a secret to catching fish especially in the winter time, which allows you to always return home with a rich booty. It’s all about the bait… particularly in the secret ingredient. How to make it now write.

We need to take a crumb of bread, cereals and effervescent tablets with a fruity taste. Grits boil (small amount). The pulp mash to the state of the clay. Then to make it into a thin pancake. In the center of the structure to place the effervescent tablet and cover grits. Then «pancake» bread roll into «sausage». Edge a little bend to spill out «filling». However, to leave openings through which water can easily get to effervescent tablets. So, what is the «secret» a pill?

So any that dissolve in water (often from the cough and cold), but the main thing with fruit flavor. I advise you to choose the most of cheap samples. The goal is not waste of money… and it works quite differently…

Not a biologist and a zoologist or whoever is studying the fish… But it somehow feels «smells» under water. Perhaps called differently, but the meaning is the same. When the tablet begins to dissolve in the water… It spreads itself around the smell of «summer» so the maximum effective in the winter time. The fish is «sick» and rushing on the hook. However, the idea is not just that. In fact, this bait is one stone killing two birds.

When the «bomb» (call their development that way) gets in the water, the tablet begins to dissolve and sizzle. As a result, to scatter themselves around grains and bread. One such «bombs» is enough for 20-30 minutes of fishing. Therefore, it is recommended to make stock. If you plan to sit for 2 hours then 10 to make «the bomb». The store is no sore. Of course when plans to sit for 20 hours… we need to Do a 100 «bomb»… Although I can hardly imagine such a «walrus». Although miracles happen.

Such a bait as my personal secret allows me personally to always be with a rich catch. Try it guys you will not regret. One request… If you meet near me do not have to catch… Why do we need competitors?

Previously I was told another secret great catch.

author: dobro2012

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