Annual catch pike

Annual catch pike

Among anglers are of the opinion that pike caught in the summer is much worse than in spring and autumn. Indeed, to catch a good instance in the summer months you need a good idea to work as summer pike becomes fussy. The change in her behavior plays the role of water temperature, but this does not mean that its impossible to catch, you just need to change the way of fishing.

With increased temperature the amount of energy consumed fish increases, so she needs to eat to replenish it. Conclusion — she is actively looking for prey and feeds. The question arises: why pike is not caught?

The answer is simple. Pike lives in the summer in a different way. Not as used to seeing her in the spring and fall. It changes its menu, and place of residence. The fishermen who know the summer habits of the pike, always remain with the fish on the cook.

Now, in terms of catching pike in the summer.

Large specimens like huge lures. This is true, but not in summer.

In the summer a lot of fry, and fish is easier to swallow a dozen small roaches there than to hunt big fish. She adapted to stand in shallow water and wait for food he will come to her mouth.

Need to catch in places where going to fry, use a small bait.

You need to consider that spring and autumn pike takes when the sun rises and warms up the water. In the summer it is necessary to catch early in the morning. First, the fish are more active. Second, the bait more visible. Thirdly, the swimming will not cause you problems.

One of the most common mistakes is that most anglers want to catch fish on the pit. Is better to look for a thicket of grass. The bait thrown at the so-called window, the probability of the catch increases several times than to do dozens of accusations into the void. Don’t be afraid to bait along the shore, it was there and waiting for their prey, a predator.

Another significant difference between summer fishing for pike from autumn is that with rapid and aggressive posting bait to interest the predator easier. Little fish in warm water are moving very actively, so the pike is also becomes faster. And it often grabs the bait, at precisely the moment when the fisherman realizes the jerk move spinning.

Experiment, spend at different rates, with spurts of varying strength. The more diverse the better.

To catch a predator is necessary to monitor the movement of forage fish. For the shoals of fry, always a predator.

Oblavlivaemye such sites carefully. If not working an artificial bait, use snastochki with a dead fish. Your success is guaranteed!

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