Animals tips for catching carp

Beetle — this worm is also a universal nozzle for carp. If you want to catch a big instance, wear on the hook for a dozen or more small manure worms to make «live» a lump the size of a large plum. Small nozzle with 1-2 worms mercilessly grazing ruff, perch, roach.

Maggot is a versatile and very good nozzle. To give the maggots a special flavor they can be soaked in garlic, vanilla, ground seeds. The hook is usually put 5-6 or more pieces. The only disadvantage of the nozzle need small numbers of hooks.

Podlesnik is also used as a nozzle. On the hook wear five or more pieces.

The Nightcrawlers — a good head of carp and other large fish. This nozzle is better to use on the course and in deep places. The preferred fishing time of day — warm moonless night. The reason is simple — at this time, the worm usually appears on the surface is often washed into the river by heavy rains.

Earthworm durable, but very lethargic. In warm water it quickly dies. Well takes on his carp in the spring, when a little more food. The hook usually catchy 3-4 pieces.

The Zebra mussel, the thick shelled river mussel, coils, pond, etc. Meat shellfish carp usually takes in spring and in autumn. In the summer, where a good forage base, rarely is offended by this nozzle. The best symptom of all ponds is well developed aquatic vegetation.

Slices of raw fish («cutting»). «Cutting» carp takes usually in the spring or late fall, and only on the course. In my experience, her large carp were taken only at night in the middle reaches of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

When trying to catch on the nozzle in the don basin, the positive results I reached.

Shitik — larva moth — caddis. Builds a house-the case of twigs, grains of sand. Crawling on the bottom or sitting, clinging to underwater objects. The color of the Shitik varies from white to gray-green. Siteki live in pure streams, small rivers, often found in lakes. Shitik very good head of carp, but she rarely goes to him. It is a delicacy for Rudd, roach, Chub and other fish. Usually on a fine hook put 5-6 larvae.

Mole cricket — South a large winged insect (up to 6 cm). In appearance like a Scorpion, but without the long folded tail. PLI by using strong front legs-ticks excellent digging holes. The color of mole crickets from yellowish to almost black, depending on the color of the soil. Mole cricket likes loose, moist soil in which he hides during the day. At night it attracts the light of a lantern. To collect it just hung bed sheets, and before it a lamp: the cabbage butterfly flies to the light, hits the obstacle and falls to the ground, where it is collected.

The mole cricket is a great summer head for a river carp, catfish, barbel. Before you impose it on the hook, you have to tear the front legs-ticks. To catch best on trotlines at night and during the. Typically, the mole cricket takes only large carp.

Cancers. Nozzle choose the smallest cancers, has just faded. Carp are usually caught on the cancer night and throughout. And the Frother is better to throw off the shore. Optimal depth up to 1.5 m.

The omentum is a large larva of the may beetle. Reaches a length of 30-50 mm. Thick larva body is curved arc, the rear end is thickened, SAC, and usually looks bluish-grey (the back shines through the contents of the intestine). Head of larvae large, smooth, yellow-brown.

In the spring, when it begins to warm the earth, the gland is moved into the upper layers of the soil and devour the roots of young plants. With the onset of cold weather reaches a depth of 1.5 m and goes into hibernation. ,

Look seal best in young trees, the soil near homeland yellowed, wilted plants. Skewer them on hooks from 1 to 10 with head, letting the sting will load in the rear. To the gland on the hook not blackened, it is necessary before the nozzle to reveal the back of the larvae and squeeze out the contents of the intestine. The best fishing on seal — spring and early summer.

The locust is a good head of carp in the summer. It is suitable for fishing from the bottom and top. For catching of large fish individuals choose the size of 40-50 mm. Nasazhivajut on a hook, piercing his chest under my head and removed the stinger out at the lower part of the abdomen.

Dragonfly larvae (sometimes called «hell»). For catching carp collect the largest larvae dragonfly rocker. The larva reaches 5-6 see to Get them is not difficult. To do this, grab the hands of a bunch of Elodea or hornwort, and quickly pull out of the water. Together with plants will be captured and larvae. The best season for catching carp on «hell» — the spring and early summer during the period of moth emergence.

Malek. Fry the carp takes the primarily in late summer and autumn. Most often, when youth gather in large flocks and are preparing for the winter. Usually caught by bottom fishing rods at low flow.

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