And again about the pike fishing in winter

Pike caught almost the entire year, but of particular interest is the hunt for pike in the winter. Therefore, many anglers impatiently waiting to get on the ice for perch hunting.

Place of residence

This fish settled, prefers solitude, a great hunter. Overgrown coastal areas, shallow pit with driftwood, branches below the rapids, dams, dams — her favorite place. There are a lot of little things, which is its prey. Growing up, it occupies a certain territory. The best areas for fishing — snag sights, eyebrows, pits with a mild current. Young pike live in the coastal strip in reeds, reeds, bushes, small karagac.

Where to look for winter pike?

If the elevation of the reservoir bottom, drill a few holes in 10 – 12 metres. When in the neighboring cells, there is a difference in depths, drill intermediate holes and exploit them. Pike likes to stand in the water above the differential depths.

Avid «shchukarev» even in the summer, promera the depth of water, are schemes such convenient for fishing places. This preliminary work is very helpful in choosing catchability places, because definition changes in the depths of winter — rather complicated process.

Tackle for fishing

For pike use a winter rod with a jig or imitation fish. Spinning needs to be durable and reliable with coil open type. It can be without a nod, or nod, is used fishing line 0.3 mm. the Spinner is attached to a fishing line through a metal leash. Be sure to put the clasp and the swivel.

Baubles are for a length of 70 – 90 mm and a width of 25 – 30 mm. With a sharp lifting and lowering this part of the gear needs to roll over and go to the side, so it resembles a pike runs off the fish. You can also use the spinner for vertical blesneniya. Well proven spinner with an offset centre of gravity. When you reset they perform several oscillations to the left–right, which causes predator to attack.

Zherlitsa is a stand on which is fixed the coil with a small supply of fishing line, sinker, tee or double, flexible rod and a fixing mechanism of the signal box. Placed on the imitation fish bait, is lowered into the hole, bent, fix red flag. When you strike the fishing line, starting to roll from the reel releases the flag, the flexible rod straightened and signaled a bite.

Winter hunting for pike is a very interesting form of active recreation. An unforgettable experience that will again and again be experienced until the next «pike» fishing.

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