And again about carp fishing


Carp is the most famous fish in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. Catch it, Amateurs and professionals of all ages. Many fishermen think that carp fishing is no big deal. And indeed it is. But if you want to catch, not the usual 50-gram carp but a fish weighing 1 kg and more, then there is need a special skill.

Start with the first – selection of fishing rods and components. The rod should be no shorter than five meters. It is best for carp fishing to use a rod and reel. But no need to buy expensive branded coil over thousand rubles. There is enough and a simple coil. The woods it is best to take with a thickness of about 0. 28 to 0.33 mm. Hooks need to take a small to fish could swallow the hook along with the extension. Some anglers have successfully used two hooks on one tackle. It’s simple: you need to the main forest to tie a piece of line the same length of 30 cm Hooks must be at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. To the place where You tied the woods, you can attach a lead balloon tightly so the knot will never fall apart.

Now for the bait and choice of nozzle. The bait you can use store-bought or make it myself at home. The bait can be prepared in the following way. In a pot sprinkle a handful of wheat and put on the day – let it soak. Then it is necessary to cook 20 minutes after boiling. The next component is the potatoes. It is necessary to cook to the point that it can be cut into small pieces or pass through a grater. Mix the two components. This also added half a loaf of soaked black bread, some chopped worms, a handful of meal, a spoonful of honey or oil. All this mix well and add at the end of the bit of land, so the mixture was a dark color. Mix everything again. All this time pouring the water. But one should not pour a lot of water: the bait should be free to shape into balls and not fall apart.

Nozzle for catching carp you can use animal and vegetable. Among the animals of the nozzles is dominated by worms, maggots, and various flies. Among the vegetable – barley, dough, potatoes, bread. But most fishermen catch carp on worms. To worms attracted the fish, need to fill in a small jar on the bottom layer of cake, then a layer of crushed red brick and sprinkle it with sand. Then I put in the worms. After passing through the sand worms are cleared from mucus through the sand of the red brick will turn red, and the cake they will get the necessary flavor.

Now for the most carp fishing. Place on the pond, you need to choose is shallow, it is desirable to have a number of snags in bushes or some grass. It is in these places live carp-giants. When fishing you should keep quiet. Always fishing it is necessary to take the net, don’t know what awaits you in the pond.


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