An overview of the main faults of different types of shotguns and how to fix them

A gun, like any other device, over time, will begin to falter. Now we analyze the main failure faced by every owner of the weapon.

The gun with a folding barrel are mainly the following problems:

1. In contact with the cartridges of moisture, they swell and can not be inserted. Cartridges must pass through the calibration ring, but if the cartridges greatly swollen and it can be done, in order to solve this problem you need a knife to remove 1-2 layers.

2. If you have after the shot was fired, the head liner came off, and the paper tube was left in the chamber, it can be easy to pull out using your finger. If the sleeve is badly stuck in the barrel, you need a special tool, which includes three toothed wheel.

There is also a extractor that looks like a hook, it is more convenient to use. The head of the tool is a pointed hook, and the sides it is flat. In order to use it, you must enter the hook in the chamber with the flat side, then pressed against the wall of the chamber, then push the hook between the surface of the tube sleeve and the walls of the chamber until then, until the top portion of the hook will not pass over the muzzle of a cartridge case. After you have done this, rotate the rod so that the beard was in front of Dulce, and then just pull the hook and the tube will succeed.

3. If the situation is that the cartridge got stuck and can not get a finger, you need to take special extractor. If this way you could not get the cartridge stuck material knock ramrod.

4. If you have a opening to the trunk head liner popped the extractor gun, you will need to remove the screw, then remove the extractor and remove the jammed cartridge case.

5. Often use weapons in the cold, but at low temperature the gun often misfires. Misfire is due to the fact that freezes thick grease, to prevent this from happening, you must use a winter oil.

The gun with a sliding bolt lock turn, often have such problems:

1.The store insert the cartridges, and it happens that the sleeve is located correctly and there stuck. In order to remove this problem, you must reload the store, but to observe what would rim lying above bullets were in front are below.

2.If you open the shutter, and the shells are removed, this may be the reason that the hook of the extractor breaks off the rim of the sleeve. To do this you need to take the cleaning rod and knock out the sleeve, then be sure to lubricate light grease chamber.

3.When breaking down the tooth of the reflector, the following problem occurs, when moving the bolt back you can not see the sleeve of the receiver, in order to fix this problem, you must remove the casing and to contact the workshop.

The guns having self-loading device, there are such problems:

1.Sometimes on semi-automatic weapons there is a delay that does not depend on you, and depending on the gun. This is because there is no grease on the friction between surfaces, or not the correct Assembly of the device, or just thickens the lubricant on the friction parts. In order to solve this problem you must use grease, only need to select it in accordance with the time of year.

2.Only in self-loading rifles have a problem with the construction of a trunk in the rear position, the problem you will not be able to eliminate, it is not your fault, but the fault of the plant, so they should fix this problem.

3.The worst problem in this type of weapon, it’s an involuntary shots, the problem arises from the fact that under the sear got a foreign object, or whispering squinted. To resolve this problem, inspect the gun and install the reason why this is happening. If your problem is that the sear is worn for your safety it is better to stop using the gun.

4.If the barrel is not fully rolled back, and the cartridge case remains in the chamber, the reason for the fault could be a weak charge of powder. The charge of powder should be 0.1 or 0.2 more than required this time of year.

5.When the bullets rest on the bottom part of the hemp stem, this occurs because casually twisted the muzzle of a cartridge case. That would fix it, take the slide and fix position of the cartridge, and then bring the shutter to its forward position. This problem does not recur, you need to choose ammo with a good incorporation of Dulce.

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