An overview of the four most popular series of knives, Buck Knives,choose quality knife for any purpose

Buck Knives is one of the most well-known American companies that produce knives for different purposes. The range of this company offers everything from simple cooking options, and tactical knives used by the military. The firm was founded back in 1947. Although the knives that made the company’s founder Hoyt Buck, with great success was used by the us military during the second world war and received high popularity even before the official date of Foundation of the company.

Few people know that Buck Knives were first invented lock, which currently is called Back Lock. In this system, the spring loaded side of the butt the lever locks the folded blade. This system is the most famous and popular folding knives.

Firm Buck Knives are very active and progressing in the market. At the time of formation it did not produce more than 100 knives per month. But in 1961 the production was completely modernized, and Buck Knives have reached a new level. In 1982, Buck Knives Inc offers its customers for 40 models of knives for different purposes, and in 2002 the range has increased to 200.

Since 2004, Buck Knives Inc is located in Post falls, Idaho. Up to this point the manufacturing was located in California.

Now the buyers around the world offered knives Buck Knives four lines:

— Everyday — series folding knives for everyday use. The main knives in this series, this is a complex Bantam, very reliable and cheap option. The blade is equipped with a standard Back Lock mechanism, has a length of 88 mm and is made of 420-th steel. In the line a sufficient number of other models of knives, both simple and semi-automatic. The prices vary in wide range, because in the series Everyday are not only simple folding knives, but blades of special design.

— Outdoor range, is designed primarily for the outdoor enthusiasts. Tourists are offered a large assortment of knives, axes and saws complex. Knives BUCK FLASHPOINT model will be indispensable for tourists and fans to relax in nature. In addition to a reliable mechanism of withdrawal of the blade (SafeSpin system) and multifunction blade, the knife is equipped with a carabiner and can opener for bottles. Blade length is 7 cm, the material from which it is made 420HC steel. BUCK FLASHPOINT than very light, weighs only 113 grams. In this range also presents a pair of scissors and secateurs for lovers of active holidays at their summer cottage.

— Hunting & Fishing – evident from the name, what series is designed for such Hobbies real men like hunting and fishing. In the line are mostly knives with fixed blades. The most popular model of this series can rightly be considered Buklite Max. This model is popular with hunters, fishermen, tourists and vacationers all over the world. Blade length is 102mm, material 420HC steel. The knife has a very comfortable, ergonomic handle of rezinoplastika. In addition to low-end models in the series Hunting & Fishing became expensive knives, special exclusive performance.

An overview of the four most popular series of knives, Buck Knives,choose quality knife for any purpose

— Kitchen – range of expensive sets of kitchen knives, the advantage of which will appreciate as the chef of different restaurants, and simple townsfolk.

— TACTICAL series of blades of special design and purpose. Knives designed for use as a tactical knives to armed forces, at least the company is positioning. Reliable and popular models of tactical blades.

Separately not to mention classic folding knife company Buck Knives is the BUCK 110 Folding Hunter. This knife is a classic of the genre of folding knives and the progenitor of many modern models. Despite the fact that for the first time this blade appeared in 1964, it has not lost its popularity and now.

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