An overview of some of the features of shotguns TOZ-34

Today we decided to talk about the legendary gun called the TOZ-34. For the first time this gun appeared in the early sixties of the last century, and it became the manufacturer Tula arms plant. In fact, it was the shotgun TOZ-34 played an important role in the further development of Russian guns, designed for hunting. When the Leipzig fair, that the shotgun TOZ-34 was able to win the gold medal. This gun is also considered to be the first light gun, which has a vertical arrangement of trunks, with the release of their made in serial order.

After this model, many manufacturing companies began to produce something similar, but Tula arms plant managed to win great fame. Then began the development of similar rifles with excellent prekladatelu that could be used not only as hunting a wild animal, but also for sports competitions.

Let’s talk a little about the design of the rifle TOZ-34, in fact the design of this weapon very original and most importantly simple, so you can even visually observe the point that there are serious differences from the others, it seemed, would be like a shotgun in which the barrels are rejected. The design of the TOZ-34 has a transverse bolt, and the planting of trunk made very low. Connection of trunks to block was carried out with the help of the Treasury of the clutch and of course the ring joints. Locking shafts occurs via shut-off the hook. Unlocking of trunks is made through the installed on top of the lever. It is necessary to note the time that the triggers were made as smooth.

The percussion mechanism TOZ-34 is not as easy as its installation was equipped with a special base, together with a striking mechanism was installed and the domestic chicken, as well as the trigger mechanism, which contains two trigger. When you will need to open the trunks, then there instant erection triggers and mainspring of the ejector will be in the form of preloaded, of course, if you do not plan to replace the ejector.

If you had to disassemble this model, then you know that the mainspring was made by producers in the form of a horseshoe, but the strikers were performed with the trigger and separately. The fuse, which is not automatic, instantly locks the sear, but for higher reliability in the fuse set interceptor which can be called perehvatyvaet Kurkov.

In the rifle model TOZ-34 was set by manufacturers removable trunks, along with the shank not removed as it is attached with several screws on the barrel. In different modifications of the rib can be conventional or lightweight ventilated. The bed can also be made from several natural materials and naturally this tree, walnut, birch or beech, but of course the most impressive view of the Lodge provides a nut. Also, manufacturers have established two types of stock, it may have a plastic or rubber recoil pad.

In some cases, can be installed and under the butt cheek, most of these types of weapons like the German manufacturers of weapons. However, given today the gun has a lot of positive benefits, and the most interesting that it is produced, and to this day, only now the guns have already been updated by the manufacturers and have higher rates and characteristics.

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