All the features of the hunting for wild boar in the winter

Many hunters, including this applies to beginners know that the boar is actually the most worthy trophy for each hunter. In the winter time, this evil beast is still higher value, as in winter wild boar are starting to eat off, and in this regard he begins to form a large number of subcutaneous fat, but rather fat.

The beginning of the hunting season for wild boar takes place in the late summer and lasts until the end of January. To date, there are certain laws, which States that hunting of females is only held from September to December. Winter hunting is considered much easier than in summer, as the hunter is not difficult to track wild boar in his footsteps, but because of the snow this beast will be perfectly visible even from afar.

All the features of the hunting for wild boar in the winter

Let’s talk now about the specifics of hunting in winter, a wild boar, as well as consider some points how to locate and track the beast. At the beginning of winter, the boar begins to search for unfrozen bodies of water from which it takes water. Also, this beast can often be found in the reeds in the swamp, in dirty ponds or ditches, he does it in order to bathe. If you decide to go hunting for wild boar, then we recommend you to pay more attention to these places, in this case, the chances of the luck you are considerably increasing. Also boars usually draw and ant hills, wild boar is able to find them even under the snow. If you manage to notice ruined anthill, then you can definitely be sure that a wild beast lives in these parts.

In winter, wild boar could find some food, not only in the dark, but during the day, however, they choose only the warmest days. You can choose a tower near the bait and wait for a wild beast. If you decide to choose to hunt oak forest, then you need to know that the hogs find acorns, they dig them from the snow and fun to eat. In oak woods to find traces of wild boar is extremely simple, because when the boar is in search of acorns, he leaves a large number of traces. Be sure to remember that wild boar in the winter don’t make long passes, as large boulders of snow just to prevent them from moving. One day, the boar may take no more than three kilometers searching for food.

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