All for carp fishing

Today you will learn how best to catching small and large carp. So if you are going for well fishing you will need bait and lure, no matter what kind of tackle you catch, whether it’s a float rod or Cormac.

1. As bait it is best to use red worms as popularly called «dung», it is optimally suited for carp in all waters. Many anglers believe that the best way to stick the worm on the hook, but then they are wrong. Not necessarily to hide the sting of the hook the bait (worm), it is better when the worm will be in the middle and staying alive makes a movement that attracts carp.

2. The bait you need to use a mixture of many ingredients :

1)Roasted seeds are always used, as all fish of the carp family loves the smell. Seeds best to fry themselves, then the smell will be more intense. After frying them you need to chop, you can do as you like, not a bad way of grinding in the grinder.

2)breadcrumbs, which are sold in any store, but can be replaced with a simple crumb of bread.

3)Porridge, you can use almost all kinds of cereals, but is best suited oatmeal and bran .

4)Millet, corn flour is also well suited for our mix.

In principle, this bait is ready, but it is possible for more efficient bite add a chopped worm, as its strong flavor will be good to attract the fish, in our case it is carp.


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