All about pike on the imitation fish in the winter

Just note that pike in contrast to the perch is not a schooling fish, so catching one, count another bite in blajan a few hours should not be. In winter, pike can fish in different ways, but one of the most peaceful and productive is fishing on imitation fish.

Best pike caught at first ice, it was during this period the angler is never a dull moment. Often after a couple of minutes after casting tackle should be a strike among the fishermen it is called Joram. Begins to peck pike all over the lake at the same time, and stops biting. Subject to favorable weather conditions the first-ice pike starts to bite after about 11 am and lasts till 16 o’clock in the evening.

Great bite is always in calm weather, which is followed by a little snow. It is important to know that the activity of pike in winter is largely dependent on weather conditions, so with the changing weather it is better to stay at home by the fireplace or in front of the TV.

How to perform the alignment of Gerlich?

So, gear should be set in different parts of the reservoir, it will increase the chances of success. Before embarking on the installation of zherlits is recommended to drill required number of holes in the most promising areas of the reservoir, the distance between holes should not exceed 8-10 meters. In the process of catching, you may need to rearrange Gerlich (change of), so it is recommended to drill 10-15 holes more on the number of Gerlich.

Start the installation gear you need from shallow water, gradually moving to the depth. Note that the first-ice pike is more common in areas with a depth of 2-3 meters than 5-7 meters. Enough to have 15-20 Gerlich. After installation, the bite may be followed almost immediately, but this is only if you were able to find a place where hunting at this point pike.

If after installation the gear for two hours followed by a bite, the tackle is recommended to move to another place, for example if it is broke, then moving her closer to depth and Vice versa. When fishing at a depth of 5-6 meters time waiting for the bite should be doubled.

How to identify promising fishing spot?

The ability to correctly choose the place for fishing is half the battle. Therefore, consider the main points that are important to consider when choosing a promising place for catching pike in the winter.

So, arriving at the pond just need to look around, the attention to the coastal zone. It would be correct to install multiple Gerlich a few meters from the reeds, here at pervalidus pike will always be provided favorable weather conditions. The outputs from the bays to pass, if discovered a fallen tree in the water, you must also install 1-3 imitation fish.

The best place for fishing is the plot with rapid changes in depth, as well as the exit from the pits. If you want to catch a big pike, it is important to know that it lives and hunts only in the depth, so look for the deepest place, namely the pit. Here the tackle must be above the deepest point and at the boundaries of differential depth in the direction of the edge.

When all of Nastia will be placed, look at where the bites occur in this way and begin to move, but do not forget about the distance between the Gerlich.

The design features of the imitation fish

Made zherlitsa, perhaps in different ways, but regardless of this, the principle of its action is the same in every case. Note the basic constructive elements of the equipment: alarm, stand, coil. When selecting the coil, you should stop the choice on models in which there is no axial play.

After installing the gear the distance between the coil or ice should be within 10 cm of the Chosen coil should have sufficient storage space for 15-20 meters of the line section from 0.3 mm. From the holder, the coil should be at a distance of 2-3 mm. in addition, the coil must be ratchet, in other words the brakes, which will not allow pike after biting off easily from the reel supply line.

Now, with respect to the alarm device. Therefore, this element of the snap should not occur on the efforts of the fish weighing up to 150 grams. Why? Often, especially when fishing for large fish used cuttings weighing 100 grams, and if the alarm is too sensitive, the baitfish will not be difficult to bring down set alarm. At the highest point of the alarm is tied a small piece of red cloth, its presence will allow time to notice the bite.

And last, the preparation of imitation fish for pike must use the doubles or tees that are attached to the main fishing line using tungsten or a metal leash length of 15-20 cm.

The head of the bait and adjusting the equipment after installation

As bait when pike fishing with imitation fish use live bait (small fish). It is important to note that you are using live bait needs to be produced in the pond, which is planned to catch a predator. As a perfect bait fish roach, gudgeon, small perch. In the case of the latter you need to cut off the dorsal fin.

An important requirement for bait, it must be alive. On the dead bait fish chance to catch fish significantly reduced, this bait will respond is that of a hungry predator. Stick bait on the hook in several ways: to the back or upper lip.

The first method can be used in the high activity of the predator. This version of draping is highly traumatic for the fry, and after that he will not live more than an hour. If you put fry for upper lip, on the hook he’s going to be much more active, making the chances of success increase.

The choice of method of planting depends on the conditions in which to fish. Thus, when fishing in deep or in snags more appropriate first option, when fishing in the shallows you can safely apply the second of the proposed methods.

Once the bait is on the hook, you can set the tackle. Complicated here nothing. The bait is lowered until then, until the load, which is installed near the leash to the carabiner does not lie on the bottom, then take the fishing line at the edge of the pit and raise it about 10 cm. In this position, reserve tackle, and the install the hooks under the ice over the hole, sprinkling its base with a small amount of snow. That’s all, you can begin installing the next imitation fish, while not forgetting to look at the alarm bite already placed gear.

How is the pike bite?

If the check box (alarm) will, after establishing the vertical position, it will point to the fact that our bait was attacked by a predator. To act in such a situation should be different, in one case, you may want to immediately begin playing, and the second may need to wait a bit with the implementation of hooking.

In the days of high activity of the pike, which occurs between the first and last ice to do the sweeps should be almost immediately after the bite. In the middle of winter, as well as in gluhozime (mid January) activity pike mostly weak, so after a take, you need to wait a few minutes, thereby allowing the predator to swallow prey.

Sharp sweeps should not be performed, just need to pick up fishing line and gently pull it, if they feel tension, then you can start playing, if not, then it is recommended to play the bait, if re-attack is not going to happen, you can pull the tackle.

In the derivation of the pike to take it slow, you need to constantly ensure that the fishing line does not touch the edges of the holes sharp edges which she can peretiraetsya. To the hole pike supplied slowly to take it is recommended in the assistance of biorica under the gills.

The videos about pike on the imitation fish

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