Advice to a beginning spinner

In recent years more and more anglers refuse bothersome with a float rod and decided to start hunting with a spinning rod for a predator. This is not surprising because fishing spinning reel gives a completely new feel. You no longer need to watch for hours the float, you hands feel everything that happens with bait, and only your experience can tell you when to do sweeps, where to throw, how deep the lure, and much more, all this comes only with practice and to describe it impossible.

The first thing a new player needs to collect his gear. Let’s start with the rod, it should not be very long, but it all depends on fishing circumstances, if you want to fish small ponds and narrow rivers, then you need to take the spinning length from 1.8 m to 2.1 m. If you admit the possibility of fishing in large reservoirs, it is necessary to take the spinning length is 2.4 m, of course often need a stick of greater length, but as a beginner, it will be uncomfortable. Test rods must start from 3-5 grams, if you want to catch a small fish it is possible and less but then about the wonders of heavier than 10 grams will have to forget. Coil we need not more than 2500, but the best is 2000, if you want to use a smaller coil, you will have to pay her a tidy sum, because small budget coils are usually not very reliable and build them not up to par. Then you need to pick up the line, rather it is better to use a braided cord. It costs more than regular a monoscaffold, which is used in float fishing, but with the same thickness, wicker significantly benefits in strength, but most importantly, it almost does not stretch and provides a full picture of what is happening under water. Moreover, jig baits, normally you can catch only with a cord, so it is better not to save. Catching beginner is better with spinners and small crankbaits. They allow you to catch almost any fish, and don’t require a lot of experience in the transaction. It allows the beginner to quickly catch their first predators. But if you have at least not a great chance to catch a pike — always use a leash. This fish is easily bites even the thickest line, and without a leash you will lose not only the catch, but the bait.

It should be noted that a newbie taking up spinning, you have to feel a lot of bites, he realized that this method can be much ulovistye and interesting fishing normal float rod. A lot of bites you can get, finding a flock of perch. So, the fish is not very big, but it is possible to gain invaluable experience. To catch these Ososkov, it is best to use lures that are no larger than 2. The process is done by methodically fished the entire available area of the water. Start with trawling the border of clean water and reeds, and then, if no bites move on to other areas. Trolling should be fast enough, but before beginning to perform, it is better to let her sink to the bottom, or if a high probability of a hook, to start wiring in a couple of seconds after the spoon touched the surface of the water. Catch a small bass on a lure, it is extremely difficult, so it is advised to go only when you get experience fishing on a smaller and less careful copies.

Spinning fishing is very interesting, but it discourages many newcomers with its complexity and many subtleties.


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