Advantages fluorocarbon fishing line

Material fluorocarbon, was developed in the 60-ies of the last century by the Japanese company Kureha, was intended for use in the oil industry. But very soon he found another use. Several years passed and all those inventive Japanese have made the world’s first fluorocarbon line. It is difficult to say what kind of impression new to fishermen in other countries, and popular in the West today.

But with our fishing community is more or less clear: for many of its members from fishing line fluorocarbon is still something not very clear and even mysterious.

Advantages fluorocarbon fishing line

The feasibility of fluorocarbon fishing line – a topic of constant debate in the fishing world. Some call it quite unnecessary, and give examples in which the pike eat fluorocarbonates leash with the same ease as regular fishing line. Others, conversely, believe in the extraordinary strength of this material and ready to catch him anywhere.

It is clear that titanium, steel or tungsten leash is much safer. But fluorocarbon is also sufficiently resistant to the aggressive environment and mechanical stress. Besides flyuorokarbonovaya leska unlike metals does not bother the bait and does not affect her game. Another advantage of fluorocarbon is a high degree of transparency. He is almost indistinguishable from the regular line, but getting in the water becomes almost invisible due to the insignificant difference of coefficients of light refraction. This is especially important in situations where the visibility of the leash is of great importance (the fish are too finicky, fishing is conducted in a clean pond and so on).

Fluorocarbon has several great qualities. This polymer is not afraid neither overheating nor overcooling. It retains its properties at low and high temperatures, so it can be used as ice-fishing and for fishing in tropical climates.

Flyuorokarbonovaya leska is not stretched, i.e., becomes thinner. This means that it always retains its strength. Moreover, this quality allows you to more firmly hooking the fish. However, different manufacturers produce fluorocarbon line with different stiffness. This figure depends on the production technology.


The only significant drawback of fluorocarbon fishing line is its price. But such products are, in principle, can not be cheap due to high quality requirements, high cost of production and costly labor. Of course, you can buy a budget option is the nylon-covered fluorocarbonates shell – but that’s another line. The coating wears off quickly, and then it becomes visible in the water and protected from environmental influences. If you want to use high-quality product produced from pure fluorocarbon, carefully study the packaging. Real flyuorokarbonovaya leska impact or «100% Fluorocarbon», or «100% PVDF», but not «Fluorocarbon coated» (fluorocarbon coating).

Video fluorocarbonic woods of different companies

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