Adnetwork IZH-18,what should I consider when choosing, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Single barrel shotgun IZH-18 is the classics of Russian hunting weapons. The model developed in the early sixties of the last century, is in our time (new index model Mr-18) does not lose his popularity. What is the secret of this demand for this simple weapon?

Rifle IZH-18 was based on the model of IL-17 and IIB. The weapon is available with barrels of the following calibers: 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm the most popular models are the 12-and 16-gauge barrel length 725 mm and weigh in the range of 2.8 pounds. The chamber the gun, as in most domestic arms 70 mm. Guns IZH-18 manufactured with a muzzle narrowing of 0.5 and 1 mm. Smooth-bore gun IZH-18 has a mechanism mounted in the Shoe. The construction of the trigger occurs when opening the gun. From the accidental discharge of a weapon protects the manual safety, locking trigger. When breaking, there is an automatic withdrawal of IL-18 with guard. If the weapon falls, the trigger is automatically closed guard, other than the blow to the firing pin. Rifle IZH-18 is made of quality materials. The barrel and breech IZH-18 chrome plated, which provides durability and protection from corrosion. The weapon is versatile, it can shoot a bullet, buckshot or small-shot cartridges. Used liners can be paper, plastic or metal.

Smooth-bore gun IZH-18 is equipped with an extractor that pushes the cartridges and an ejector that ejects spent cartridges. The function of the ejector can be disabled. Weapons bed is made of beech, birch, walnut or plastic.

Single-barreled rifle IZH-18 perfectly suitable for industrial hunting of fur-bearing animals. It is believed that sports and Amateur hunting weapons are not suitable because of otnositelnosti. The manufacturer guarantees the life of the gun in 8000 shots. IL-18 is perfect and very quickly disassembled into three main parts, which are easy to clean and maintain. The main advantages of this model is its reliability, can withstand severe operating conditions, simplicity, accuracy, softness of the descent and ease. Conservatives believe that gun classics of Russian hunting weapons.

For many years single-barrel smooth-bore gun IZH-18 has undergone numerous modifications and upgrades. Currently this weapon under the symbol Mr-18M available in smoothbore, but a rifled version. History of the rifled gun began in 1994 when the designer of Izhevsk mechanical plant Zagrebin St. The doctor suggested to install on the stock IZH-18 rifled barrel from the Australian sporting rifles Steyr-Mannlicher. The result exceeded all expectations, domestic fitting has won several prestigious international awards. Export version of the Mr-18mn known foreign buyers under the name of Baikal is made in all popular calibers for rifles. The most popular are the caliber of 7.62*39mm the 7.62*54R and .233. These model guns are almost impossible to find in the free market, the plant simply does not have time to release them, given the huge demand for these copies rifled guns.

An additional advantage of IZH-18(MP-18) there is the possibility of removing and replacing the gun barrel with a smooth bore to rifled, and Vice versa.

In addition to threaded options, Izhevsk plant produces the models: «Junior», a rifle with a shortened stock, for Teens and women, and sporting rifle for target shooting with the sighting of a strap and butt «Monte Carlo». In General, smooth-bore gun IZH-18 is a remarkable device, which once again confirms the worldwide fame of the local gunsmiths.

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