Acne form and to the unusual structure of the elongate body is very similar to a snake. Because of its odd appearance, this fish pushes fishermen. Despite this, there are real connoisseurs of this freshwater predator. Lives acne almost everywhere, often found in the reservoirs of Belarus, Baltic States and Russia. To catch the fish even in the Black sea.

Acne is a passing fish. This means that it dwells in lakes and rivers, but spawning into the sea. Permanently there also may migrate from rivers to large instances. From all other species of anadromous fish eel is different in that it spawns in the sea, not in rivers and lakes.

Eels are not afraid of the rapids, waterfalls and other water obstacles. This is a very strong and ubiquitous fish. When passing through the towering waterfalls, it is able to crawl on the wet ground and without immersion in water to a day or more. It turns out, the eel sushi really behaves like a snake.

Appearance of acne is a big proof. He’s got a small head, slightly flattened on the back. Eye small, silvery-yellow. The nose is broad and interesting structure of the jaw: the lower slightly longer than upper. The teeth are sharp and small. The body of the flexible eel, in the water it moves just like a snake on land. Color ranges from dark green to bluish-black, belly greyish-white with a yellow or blue tint. As the eel – fish bottom, his body had grown a thick mucus that hides the delicate little flakes are fairly chaotic, not even coming close to each other.

Acne is found in those places where there is a clayey or muddy ground, avoiding sandy and rocky river bottoms. In summer, acne is found in the sedges and the reeds, so in this vegetation, the fishermen lay the tracks or looking for gaps and put merezhi on the acne. Need to know what day acne usually lies curled up in the sludge or mud, under the roots of riparian trees, and in the late afternoon and at night go hunting. Acne has excellent vision.

Acne feeds on other fish and their eggs, e.g., lamprey, Chub, bleak, ruff, perch, bullhead. Also trades in small aquatic animals: crustaceans, molluscs, worms, larvae. To them and catch eel, as well as at the two-day live bait, since acne loves to feast on carrion. The size of the bait for the eel does not matter, in view of the fact that this fish crushes prey with their jaws.

The most productive eel fishing is possible from June to September, and then, with the onset of cold weather, it becomes dormant, burrowing into the ground pretty deep. Dwells at the bottom of the acne, you’ll be a difficult behaviour to be very strong, and catching it has some peculiarities. For catching eel used exclusively bottom fishing rods of various modifications. The tackle must lower the bait to the bottom. It is important to choose the most appropriate place. As a rule, these pits near the shore with a depth of from 3 to 7 m. It is with them that the fish come on the night feeding. Fish eel requires certain skills and dexterity. The fish resists to the last, very tenacious and quick, but more desirable for fishing her capture and taming.

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