Acne. And the methods of catching

Unpleasant to the touch and not the most common fish in the cage fishing is acne. However, thanks to a pretty good taste even this fish has its fans. Let anglers specializing in fishing for eel is not so great, but they are professionals and know about this fish for almost everything. For those who want to catch the «water snake» is written this article that explains how, what and when is the best time to catch eels.

Where and when to catch the eel

Places of residence for this predator a lot. It can be found in rivers, lakes virtually any depth. The composition of the bottom, as well as the flow velocity is not playing for him any role.

Catch the eel in our country starts from the middle of the summer, after removed the ban. Finishes pecking at the fish at the onset of the first frost. In the autumn of huddling in packs, it is preparing to hibernate.

Eel hunts mainly at night. So go catch that fish need later in the evening. In addition to basic gear and flashlight, you have to grab the Styrofoam and rope. With their help, to build the buoys, which limit the area of the bait so as not to lose her in the dark.

Using something to catch the eel

Eel can be caught and bottom fishing rod float, gear, or both at the same time. Hooked donkey, acne will be calm before dawn that makes it easy to handle two rods at a time.

For eel fishing float tackle need fishing rod with a length of five meters. The choice of float does not matter, as long as it was clearly visible in the dark. The coil you can use any of the inertia-free, line diameter tridesetih mm with hook number six.

A ground rod must be fitted with a slightly thicker line, but the leash should be thick as three-tenths of a millimeter. Still need a rubber cord as a shock absorber. A number six hook and a sliding sinker weighing three hundred grams.

In the derivation of acne, remember to pull it ashore as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this snake-like beast could sail into the shelter to grab something by the tail and pull it will be much harder.

What to catch

The easiest and most effective bait in the eel is the earthworm. Into him hook, you should make sure that there is enough long tail. After all, it is their movements that will attract a predator. When used with a float rod, the descent should be done so that the bait dropped to the bottom of the reservoir. After half an hour of waiting with no bites, it is best to replace the worm on fresh and try again.


When fishing eels, like any other fish, you need to prepare the bait. Its composition usually includes chopped worm, fish, and sometimes shellfish. On-site fishing in the bait add soil taken from the shore. Another important detail, all the ingredients must be fresh, otherwise the acne will not come to the place of fishing.


If eel fishing caught accidentally, it is necessary to RUB hands with soil to make an interesting trophy could not escape. If «hunting» has appeared on this fish, it is necessary to take a piece of thick cloth or gloves. Good weather and fishing!

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