About winter fishing

If the frost is not released for a week, it is likely the ponds and other small bodies of water the ice began and you can open winter fishing season.

Ice fishing, of course, has its own characteristics. First, with the change in temperature conditions and the appearance of ice on the water of life fishes and other water inhabitants is changing. The oxygen content in the water decreases, submerged vegetation does not differ in its splendor, part of the microorganisms and the algae dies off, but the water in the winter becomes more transparent than in the warmer months. Some species of fish be not timid and inactive, others almost do not eat and are numb to heat, and others – continue to feed actively. During long thaws even inactive fish, for example carp, a good start to bite and fall for it.

Secondly, fish is limited in the feed, and if on the first ice it is still feeding off the coast, or at least freezing of the pond goes farther from the shore. By pervalidus drilling holes is necessary near the shore. If on the banks of pond shrubs grow, then you need to try to look for fishing spots here. In the coastal areas and parvaldu good bite perch, white bream, bleak, pike. Fish move in small flocks and are quite shy and cautious. The more ice, the more often the fish goes into depth, chooses places close to snags or looking for open spots where water with a high content of oxygen, water hazards. If in the reservoir there is a small river, then the fish need to look for where the bottom is uneven – which might linger the food. Perch and walleye prefer places with snags and a small undercurrent. Roach chooses open areas on the bottom of the pond and the quiet, calm water. Predators in mid-winter hunt at depth. Winter fishing is most successful in calm weather without precipitation.

Thirdly, the choice of equipment must take into account the living conditions of the fish. The best tackle for winter fishing – rod with a jig and a nod. As fish is kept in small flocks near forage, you need to spend a lot of time to search for it. For active fishing, you can use bright, contrasting jig. As a nozzle use the same crank and the fish may well bite on the worm. In those days when the fish are biting sluggish, can gain non-standard nozzle, for example, larvae of dragonflies, or fishing on mormyshka without a nozzle. It is necessary to try to combine different nozzles — originality can be great gain in winter days backlava.

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