About the selection of lures for pike

The spoon is the most ancient of all artificial lures for catching predatory fish. The history of the spinners lost in the centuries. They say that in Russia the spinners were known from ages 13-14, other sources claim that the history of the spinners dates back several millennia, since Neolithic times. The first lures into serial production was launched in Sweden, model SKS and Fiord, in the late 19th century.

They were a brass product with silver, the shape is very reminiscent of the popular and now, the model of the Atom. Trolling – a classic of the genre, which is now a popular technique of fishing.


The variety of lures available on the market, at the moment, can confuse even the most experienced angler. Consider the most popular manufacturers. Leaders , according to many anglers is, «Williams», «Abu Garcia», «Kuusamo», «Mepps», «Kastmaster». Models of these brands are well proven when fishing for pike, perch and Zander.

With silicone baits domestic anglers met in the early 90-ies of the last century. For our anglers who are familiar only with the spinners, this was a huge breakthrough – came the «silicon revolution» in the former Soviet Union. They say that in the fishing magazines have even been recommendations for the production of twisters from surgical gloves and other scrap materials. Fashion soft bait came to us from the United States, however with a delay of 20 years, that does not prevent to remain the most popular type of fishing so far. Fishing with soft lures is called «jig fishing» due to mounting baits on a sinker attached to them hooks — «jig». When posting bait makes zigzag movement with the winding coil with periodic pauses and patikami rod – speed wiring.

Silicone lure

Silicone baits can be divided into two types: ordinary silicone and edible. The difference is that edible silicone is made from a special soft type of silicone, impregnated with the attractant with different smells and flavor characteristics, which attract predatory fish, even in low activity. Also the differences are in the shape of the body. The shape of the silicone body is divided into: vibrohvosta, twisters, worms or leeches, crayfish. Vibrohvost simulates fry with a fleshy tail in the form of a patch or oval, which, if the transaction creates an oscillatory motion, because of what got its name.


Twister has a longitudinal ribbed body, resembling a worm with a wide tail in the form of a comma. When you post the tail Twister creates a wave-like game that provokes predator to bite. Worms and leeches – in this case the name speaks for itself. There are also various crustaceans do not mind to eat perch or pike.

The most popular manufacturers of silicone baits are considered «Mannˊs» , «Relax», «Keitech», «Reins», «X», «Tioga» and other.


Lures – lure with which domestic fishermen met recently, however, these lures deservedly won a large army of fans whose range expands every year. The idea of creating the first crank belongs to the American angler James Heddon in the late 19th century. Next was Finn Lauri Rapala was. Their names are used well-known brands for the production of lures «Heddon» and «Rapala». The spread of this type of fishing was at the end of the last century and quickly gained popularity. Wobbler is a solid surround the bait with a paddle in the bow, for penetration into the water column ,with one or more tees and , in some models, the balls inside for sound effect. When you post its a game similar to the clumsy movements of a wounded fish that provokes predator to catch easy prey. Fishing with lures has created a completely new, revolutionary wiring technology, such as twitching and stop-and-go.

Classification crankbaits

Lures are classified according to the body shape and depth of penetration.According to the body shape distinguish: minnow – long elongated bait, reminiscent of the bleak, krenk – wide body that is tapered on the sides, with a mind like fry roach or white bream, the fat – drop body shape, rattlin – Wobbler without blades has a flat body shape, bulb in and retaining ring on the back, Popper – surface lure, which in the bow specific, casertano recess to create a gurgling effect at the transaction. The degree of buoyancy: floating crankbaits that when posting zaglubljajutsja, and if you pause to float on the surface, suspender – hangs in the water column and moving at a certain working depth, the sinking lure is sinking after the cast and during the pause.

The most well-known manufacturers of lures: a «Rapala», «Jakall», «ZipBaits», «Asura», «Ima», «Pro», «Yo — Zuri», «OSP», «Jackson», «Pontoon 21», «Deps», «O. S. p.» and many others.

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