About fishing nets

Every fishing enthusiast knows that fishing net is extremely necessary for fishing on a large scale. Besides, it can help to catch small fish in large quantities.

Is not a secret that thanks to such a great property, fishermen used the network since ancient times. Then fishing nets carried different names such as a Seine or dragnet.

Although currently, fishing in this way is available only for industrial purpose.

There are several types of fishing nets, have certain advantages and disadvantages. There is a perception that the most preferable variant is nylon net. At the same time, should pay attention to their color, since red is more useful for catching predatory fish; blue — popular when fishing for pike.

Thus, essential for fishing nets, which depends on the efficiency of fishing, has the choice of the network type, color, fabric and square sections. Therefore, depending on the type of fish, you should determine the network through which fishing for a particular fish species will be more productive. This choice is purely individual.


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