About fishing in the lovely month of July

This month may be the month of the summer season and the sun during this period, very hot. This is perhaps not the best month for good fishing and not count on some good catch. Simply all is explained. Not comfortable for the fish, the temperature of the upper layers of feed water this month.

This is especially well seen in various shallow water. As the main result, almost all the fish exactly what is going on. Possible care of fish in places with lots of wonderful sediment sources. In the daytime a beautiful time to count on some big catch is not necessary.


For this reason, in a wonderful July days fishing will be the most practical when the sky is cloudy or it is raining. Another good time to this period can serve as the early morning time during is just starting to get daylight. Currently the water has not warmed up very much in day time, and desired fish rises from the depths. There is another option good to fish at night. It was at this time pretty well caught:

1. Walleye in July.

2. Bream in July.

3. Goval in July.

4. Pike in July and some others.

In the case of the beautiful ponds of standing type lakes and quiet ponds, the situation here is even more worse. This month is represented by a flowering period that is these reservoirs, when you can get all kinds of algae in full bloom.

Only this situation leads not only to significant turbidity in the water column, but in addition, this fish has a great opportunity just fine to eat. Of course, fed the fish much harder to catch. In these ponds there are usually:

1. Carp in July.

2. Yaz in July.

3. Silver carp in July and some others.

In the case with very clean water all of this coveted fish is right at the surface, the period of decomposition, the water is at the surface. Specifically in a period of expansion wholly faded all sorts of aquatic vegetation every fish move to the bottom. Directly this fact is directly related to the poor level of saturation of water is important for fish oxygen.

Enough experienced fishermen, despite this month are not a good catch.

Very experienced fishermen just know that the perch is represented by the fish, which usually lives at great depths. And only in an important period of feeding this type of fish it is possible to see in the shallows.

Successful fishing this month!

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