About fishing for perch in the winter

One of the most common and choosy when winter bite of fish. In early ice, when oxygen-rich water, kept flocks on shallow sandy or muddy areas off the coast. Well caught on parvaldu. In the middle of winter flocks go to a deeper place in the pit with the sources or to the banks, where flow into streams. At this time, the biting slows down. There are days when the perch bite is not visible, taking the moth with a jig in his mouth, he sucks and is standing at the bottom motionless.

Feeding rhythm. Ruff biting all day. Begins with the dawn of the day takes the bait somewhat less, but towards evening begins to eat more intense. Flocks of ruff rarely go out of their homes. Hungry fish attack even on fry. There are times when the fish are biting on uncharacteristic attachments: dough, cheese

Types of nozzles. Worms, bloodworms, maggot. During the greedy nibble enough to pick up the hook piece of the worm. You can even use pieces of colored foam or red hairs, which lay along with bloodworms. In rare cases, a large ruff comes from and perches on a small spoon.

Winter tackle. The easiest way to catch perch on a jig with a spring clip in the hook. To bite was more noticeable, the whip equip with a sympathetic nod. Such tackle bite decisive, a very rare fruit. With intense biting helpful to have a jig with a hook barbless. Then the gear is accelerating — is not lost time for the release of the hook, especially with a strong swallow. You can catch perch on rod with a small float, but the bites will be less than for a jig. Lower the bait needs to the bottom, because rockfish generally affect the belly of the soil.

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