About cheetahs its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

One of the most powerful carnivorous mammal belonging to the cat family is the Cheetah. The majority of cheetahs in order to differ from their counterparts on family behavior and gracefulness. According to these criteria, they are closer to canines, since the shape of the landing resembles more dogs just like them cheetahs do not retract the claws and with little difficulty they can be tamed. The body of the Cheetah is characterized by great harmony, and even somewhat fragile, there’s not a drop of excess fat, and beneath his spotted skin clearly show strong muscles. His head of wild beast of small size, with highly spaced eyes and small ears that are slightly rounded at the top. The skin of a Cheetah yellow-sand color dotted with patches of black, on the face of the beast are thin strips of the same color. Adult predator weighs from forty to sixty-five pounds, and the length of individual instances reaches a half meters. In this case, has a large massiveness of the tail may be in length up to 0.8 meters.

Bears offspring the female Cheetah for 85-95 days, and the expiration of the term of pregnancy she gives birth to kittens. In one litter there can be 2 to 5 individuals. Under the supervision of the mother, the kittens stay for 14-20 months. In natural conditions the life expectancy of cheetahs survive to the twenty-year period. In captivity (in zoos) life to order more, but virtually eliminated reproduction.

Cheetahs hunt mainly during the day, and they often become the prey of artiodactyls animals of small size, such as calves of wildebeest, gazelles and hares. Hunting these predators out at dawn or in the evening, when the heat subsides, but the day star had not yet set beyond the horizon. The majority of the main body, which are guided cheetahs on the hunt is the vision. Unlike many animals of this family, cheetahs food method stalk the prey, not waiting in ambush. During the pursuit of the hunted the speed of a Cheetah can reach one hundred fifteen kilometers per hour, while acceleration to seventy five kilometers per hour, the predator makes in just 2 seconds. Running Cheetah, probably like huge jumps from six to eight feet in length, on each of which he spends half a second. Having caught up with its prey, Cheetah, paw knocks her to the ground and proceed to its suppression. If for a short period of time Cheetah fails to catch the object of his hunt, he refuses to chase, as energy stocks enough only for a short pursuit. The high speed of a Cheetah not to say that all his attempts to get food over success about fifty percent of them unsuccessful. On the African continent, cheetahs are amongst the most blooded predators, like lions, leopards and hyenas can easily pick up, resting after the chase of a predator his prey.

Primarily a place of the dwelling cheetahs chose India and Africa, but in small amounts they are found in the regions of Central Asia. There is an assumption of scientists that cheetahs threatened complete destruction during the last glacial period, and for this reason they show signs of degeneration in the genetic line. Currently, there is high mortality among offspring, about seventy percent of which do not reach one year of age. One of the varieties is the Royal cheetahs cheetahs that are in the process of mutation has acquired a very different color skins.

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