A useful device for fishing

In accordance with the regulatory acts of the Russian Federation of available radio we have in our country, you can use 2 frequency range 27 MHz and 433 MHz. But if you are in hilly or even just difficult terrain, the communication in the band 433 MG you will be enough. For this reason, experienced fishermen who actually want to keep the relationship in the absence of good visibility (mountains, forest, bad weather), choose the radio band with a frequency of 27 megahertz, although such radios are bigger and heavier than a convenient 433MHz-oriented counterparts.

But there are devices firm Motorola with a frequency of 27 MHz, use a reliable development of Russian factories and foreign high precision elemental basis. They provide the maximum possible at the moment, the range of radio communication without sufficient visibility (hills, rugged terrain, mountains). For example, radio station the eagle-502 with flexible antennas work in dense forest by 2.5 — 6.5 kilometers, «the Hunter» — by 4.5 — 8.5 km, but sometimes much less — depends on the specific conditions (radio range depends on the saturation of soil moisture, weather conditions, presence of magnetic sources). Again, with sensitive antennae «SUPERFLEX» there are reports of good reception in rough terrain up to 10 -12 miles.

In terms of the tours you still will be useful GPS. Long gone are the days when the definition of the coordinate position in an unfamiliar area it was necessary to make accurate calculations. Modern GPS receivers allow you to accurately know the coordinates. At the moment the Russian market there is a wide range of GPS navigation systems from manufacturers, say, like Garmin.

Remember when you were waiting near the hole with a fishing rod and the fish was not caught? A trifle if you are fishing for sensations. And if you for food the fish need? It is difficult to do without the Garmin sounders. All sounders have multiple functions and capabilities. The possibilities include such regimes as the bottom depicted as a black stripe, determining fish size, display the bottom topography. Very often, these devices give a signal when reaching a certain depth and locating fish


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