A set of tackle for jerkbait fishing

When selecting tackle for jerkbait fishing anglers are guided by the principle: the more and stronger tackle, the better.

First and foremost, is selected in the rod. Since you will be hunting for big fish, then the best choice would be short, stiff spinning rod, designed for casting lures weighing between 100-120 grams and up to 140-150 grams. The rod length matched to the height of the fisherman, and under the conditions to be fishing.

For catching the high, steep Bank selects a large length of the rod, and flat and open coasts best would be a shorter spinning. Better if it is a private rod, can withstand heavy loads, but the fit and components, as a more convenient during transportation. A compromise here can be polutorakratnoe the rod. When buying be sure to get spinning in your hand, preferably with a clad coil, and try the convenience of the gear. For starters, you can try with spinning Polish company SALMO-optimal ratio price-quality.

The next step is buying coil. Better if both of these purchases will be simultaneous, with the selection of one gear to another. Necessarily it must be of the inertia reel with a multiplier, called the barrel. The so-called » soap not designed for heavy bait and quickly fail. As a classic multiplier can advise the Swedish reel Abu Garsia C3 (or C4) size 5501. It is easy to operate, reliable and easy to maintain leverogne coil.

As fishing line is best to take a twist. Thick diameter, about 0,36 – 0,45 mm, will protect your upholstery from tearing. With a network you can not be afraid of different hooks over branches and reed — jerk can be free from this trouble and you will have more chances to pull the big fish. In addition, the network is indispensable at the stage of learning casting. The best choice for beginners will twist the American company PowerPro.

To connect your lure with a network needs a leash. You should not put the leashes for regular fishing. The leash should be tough and durable. To do this he must be made of a thin but tough steel wire, titanium. Him in the first place, have to feel the sharpness of teeth you caught a predator. Pay particular attention to the snap hooks connect. They should not concede in the durability of the leash and power.

The final stage of the gear rods for jerkbait fishing is the purchase and equipment of fishing rod bait — a jerk. They can be in the form of small fish with a length of about 10 mm natural color. The weight of the bait should be at least 50-70 grams. Remember, the big fish goes to great bait! For starters, you can use a floating bait, you can always find in the case of shooting. Again we can recommend the Polish for CATCHING bait. They are quite efficient – you can catch as a small predator, and has gained weight. In addition, these lures are easy to learn.


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