A rod with a float marker and others.

A rod with a marker float and other

The popularity of fishing as a sport is growing every day. And great results are achieved in English, French and Italian athletes.

To achieve podium places allows them a great experience and a thorough knowledge of all subtleties of fishing, including devices and gear for fishing. Many ways used by famous athletes, is not a special secret for the Russian fishermen. However, fishing technique, which has been successfully used plug rod, and Bolognese and «quivertip» – streets, will be interesting to all the fishermen without restriction. Each of the above gear is used for its intended purpose.

Bologna rod

Used for fishing in the pond where there is a current. The device of the Bologna fishing rods suggests that it is possible to fish in wiring, far holding the line. This method is very effective in flowing waters, but in standing water like this option unsuitable.

Plug rod

Is a fishing rod with a blank snap-in, which is successfully used for fishing in still water, but sometimes use for fishing in canals and rivers. Section plug rods begin to reach bottom by inserting one into the other, thus assembling a rod of the desired length. International rules set the maximum length of fourteen meters and a half. The total length of the rod is always greater than the length of the snap. This fact allows to control the conduct in either direction.

Rod «quivertip»

Very successfully used in reservoirs with stagnant water, and this rod can be used for fishing in the river, having a course.

Not all fishermen know the art of fishing with the use of this highly efficient gear. A rig that has a float marker, which you can use to get an idea of the bottom topography is very useful for good fishing. Therefore, experienced fishermen are happy to take advantage of those facilities, rather than relying blindly on luck. Not always hold and hope for a quality bait. So you are not disappointed with the modest results of fishing, you need to learn from the experience of the athletes in question careful consideration of the characteristics of the bottom, including the irregularities in the place of potentially good fishing.


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