A review of the IZH-54, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Many hunters rightly consider IZH-54 best horizontally of the Soviet Union. Horizontal double-barrelled gun IZH-54 was developed by designer «Izhevsk mechanical plant» Pugachev L. V. on the basis of the successful post-war model of IZH-49 (there is a version that the basis of the IZH-49 was formed by the drawings of German rifles Sauer).

In comparison with the model IZH-49 new gun got a modern trigger mechanism, which was strengthened block and changed the lower sear. The platoon Kurkov pointers on the IZH-54 was moved to the upper part of the pad, which increased their information content. In the new design held the division of Boykov and triggers, while the strikers were placed in brandbook. From the old model, the gun received a triple lock mechanism (the upper hook of the trunks was locked bolt Griner, and two grenade throws a hook to the locking bar Fart). The gun IZH-54 had automatic safety that blocks the trigger and sear hooks. Because the thought of Soviet gunsmiths and German roots, weapon had a high level of quality and reliability. Serial production of IZH-54 lasted 15 years, with most of the weapons went for export. This gun can rightly be considered the first postwar arms export.

Shotguns double-barreled rifle IZH-54 trunks 12 gauge, length 730 and 750 mm. Length of the chamber was 70 mm. of the Bed the gun was held from birch, beech or walnut. All wooden parts were leaked by a waterproof composition, and the metal part was premirovalis. The weapon had a parabolic contraction of the trunks, with the drilling choke and polochak. The gun was manufactured with a standard (straight), pistol or poliestireno Lodge. The weight of the shotgun does not exceed 3.6 pounds.

During the whole time of serial production model IZH-54 is constantly upgraded and improved. Varied mechanisms, methods of their manufacture, length of barrels, etc. On the basis of IZH-54 was the model of the IZH-57, which features many innovations, which are then used on the old model. For example, a double-barrel IZH-54 has received from the IZH-57 a reliable mechanism release triggers. Strange, but the gun issue more and longer than designed on the basis of his IZH-57.

The technology of manufacturing double-barrelled gun IZH-54 more similar to the production of a single gift copies than mass production. The trunks were made of steel 50A, the last heat treatment. At the final stage we used the method of deep hole drilling from hot-rolled steel. To meet this technology to «Iimage» currently almost impossible, in the series uses a technology called «hot-forging». The external metal elements of the gun was subjected to Nickel plating, chrome plating or painting. Chemical staining was the most unreliable type of coating, the trunks very quickly rusted.

Given the German roots of the IZH-54, the weapon was very reliable and tenacious. Double barrel aged incredible factory testing. About the quality of the weapon tells the number of copies sold abroad, about 70 thousand units.

Hunting rifle IZH-26, production of which began in the late 60-ies of the last century, probably need to consider one of the versions of the IZH-54. Weapons reduced the diameter of the channel trunks, removed the bolt Griner altered box and installed additional safety platoon. Updated the model with the index of IZH-26TH produced by ejector.

The IZH-54 and IZH-26 (produced up to 80 years) are fine examples of the excellent work of local gunsmiths. The workmanship of these models and technologies have been introduced from them are so high that even in our day, modifications IZH-54 and IZH-26 surpass their modern equivalents.

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