A reliable bait for pike and Zander

Modern fishing has taken a step far ahead in terms of technology and techniques for catching developed many techniques for each fish species. If you open the door to this, we can say, art, then primarily necessary equipment. A huge selection of causes to get lost, this applies to fishing rods, and even lures. Before chasing the latest inventions, you can refer to the long-proven oscillating spinners. She is the mother of all created types of lures: silicone, plastic, metal.

The principle of operation of oscillating spinners can be understood quickly, it is famous for simplicity and ease directly in their work. Among the manufacturers that have proven themselves worthy as canadian manufacturers of lures. They already time-tested and are among the best tools. One of these brands — Williams, it is preferred by many experienced fishermen.

Of course, one of the most desirable fish is pike. It is most convenient to put them on the ponds, which are renowned for vegetation. Top tips for using bait – adjust the speed of the transaction. In addition, you need to get used to working with the pen coil, the speed should be constant, without jerks. When the spinner is abandoned, you can go to work with the line, it is also important to stick to one rhythm, learning to adapt to the environment. Plus quality oscillating Postings that even if you keep a slow pace against the wiring, pull out the pike without much difficulty. It is not recommended to fish for pike on this lure in places with a rapid current, it will be quite a difficult task.

The perch, fish of the perch family, has a number of advantages. The easiest way to find where there is a depth and a sandy bottom, pike are there most of the time. Shallow water can please the presence of a perch during feeding. What is the difference between a pike and a pike perch? The answer is in the wiring. It can be of two types: horizontal and vertical. Depending on the place you need the proper wiring. If you prefer shallow water, horizontal wiring, it is recommended to keep the rhythm slow, calm. It is advantageous to use a pause during the rotation of the coil, it will attract the attention of walleye. If it was decided to fish at depth, the vertical wiring, or «jig fishing». If the depth is about 4-5 m, it is necessary to pay attention to the mood of the fish, to be able to feel, learning to experiment with the time, speed. The trick is in the fluorescent coating of the bait in such waters dyed bait will be a success.

Reliable and proven fishing methods will allow you to relax, get pleasure from fishing.

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