A new breed of carp in Russian ponds

You remember the Soviet canteens? Every Thursday was a fish day. In some cities and areas this tradition reached our days. That’s just not always possible to find good fish on the shelves of supermarkets, shops and markets. And live fish in stores without tears will not look. Still unknown, where did these brought perch and bream.

Now for all lovers of fish dishes Saratov scientists-ichthyologists have found a solution to this problem, brought a new kind of carp. Before them was a task to breed such a fish that would be great wintered in the Russian climatic conditions and would be very fruitful. The new fish is ideally suited for the summer heat and harsh winters of the Saratov region, therefore, the carp will be in local waters all year round. Also new species not susceptible to the fish diseases.

The name of the new species was obtained in accordance with the place of conclusion – «carp Saratov scattered». This carp is classified as «naked» or «bashashati» Karpov. Received this breed by crossing several related groups Karpov.

The weight of this carp much more than his «natural» relatives. To two years this fish reaches a half kilograms of weight versus five hundred grams of their relatives. The maximum weight of carp in the local natural environment is only six or seven pounds, and adult individuals of this species have scientists gained weight twelve pounds.

Yes, and propagated new carp much faster than their relatives. According to experts, in a few years this fish can be bought on the counters of local shops and markets. The capacity of local fisheries according to the calculations should cover not only Saratov, but also in neighboring regions. Scientists hope that the local fish farmers are also interested in the new breed of fish.

The study lasted for ten years. Despite the result, scientists ichthyologists say they still need about ten years to get a new full-fledged breed. If bet to fill is now this new kind of fish, fish will be 25% larger. If you fill in the larvae, the result will be visible in two years, and if one-year-old individuals in a year.

However, to catch the carp in the waters of the Volga until you get it. The fish isn’t even fit for release into open bodies of water, so grow it in a special fish farms.


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