A miss, another miss

Many hunters often say they never miss, which I know people who never missed. Believe it or not — it is purely individual. I can give many examples of how some hunters too much when describing your achievements. How then can you believe? Still great shooters and there are hunters. Some of them know how the best athletes, and some are. In proof of this we can give a few examples that happened in real life.

For Example, Mr Korzinkin. He is considered one of the best shooters of the Council of defense defense. His achievements there are a huge number of wolves, boars and larger animals, such as moose. In practice, there were many curious cases, but that he considers special. One day, Vladimir was invited to the competition at the moose, where he played «canadian professionals». In a team where our hunter, lacked professional shooters. It pinned the main hopes.

In the midst of the competition Vladimir tracked down a great elk, who, as it might seem at first glance, there was virtually no chance to get away from the shooter. But had approximately the following…

Vladimir was standing in the far room. He was alarmed by the sound of cracking branches, which gave the huge hooves of an animal. But the hunter had hoped that the elk will come something to the left, into the open, where no hunters. He had to adjust the movement of the beast. For this, he quickly ran along the forest road in the direction of the field. Thanks to a happy coincidence, the hunter managed to get to your destination on time.

All that was left to do our hunter is to find the right position and catch a moose in sight. That’s exactly what he was doing. When all was prepared before the final shot, there was an unpleasant thing — Archer fell through the ice on the ditch where he stood. Though a failure at the chest, but for him, it would not be an obstacle. Prevented shoot that a snowdrift, which appeared in front of the face hunter, has completely obscured the target. Nothing remained but to raise the weapon up and fire at random. As regarded the hunter that shot of positive result have not brought.

When Korzinkina happily ran the rest of the team, hoping to obtain large amounts of prey, their eyes appeared not quite expected picture: the upset champion belt in the snow, and away be goes production.

Another example of curious failures on the hunt is the case of Oleg Kulakov, better known as the master of sports of the international class and the professional athlete.

One day he was returning with a friend from very successful hunting foxes. On the way home comrades in the field saw the Fox, which was engaged in catching mice. In the head of the athlete instantly came up with a plan on how to get a beautiful animal. It was agreed: Oleg had to hide in a birch grove, and his friend, beating the beast around, drive it to the athlete.

At last the desired goal was within their reach. A shot rang out, the second, the third, and for some reason she didn’t fall. After six rounds produced in vain Oleg surrendered, and the Fox quietly left.

Here it happens, the experienced athlete, champion and coach in shooting he missed six times, while being ready to fire. The moral of this story is that even experienced shooters make mistakes, be wrong. The main thing after that is to draw conclusions and not repeat their mistake.

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