A little bit about fishing silver carp

So, there is the fisherman who never caught a silver carp. This fish of the carp family, lives in virtually all lakes in Europe and the CIS. Silver carp, are very unpredictable and capricious. Fish always bite when he wants it, but also chooses the bait, not every head he will try.

A little detailed look at what, when and where to catch silver carp.

As mentioned above, the carp is found in almost all lakes of the country, in this case, take Russia. For carp, you need to choose a fairly quiet lake, with a large number of water plants. Time of year of catching silver carp is directly spring, summer and one of the first autumn month.

Begins to bite silver carp from the middle of April. At this time of year the carp begins to spawn after the winter hibernation. At this time of the year for catching carp you need to choose a shallow place where the water is heated to the maximum during the day. Note that at this time a carp on the depth does not drop and catch it with depth is a waste of time. For bait you need to use only the manure worm, anise oil and mash (semolina) with anise oil. Fishing is carried out in half the water, as carp are almost all on the surface, he’s trying to warm up after winter. Observing all these simple rules of fishing, you’ll always catch in the spring.

In the summer, carp are caught almost everywhere, at all depths and with different baits, but fishing is not enough without bait, as the carp furrowing of the reservoir, it is necessary to attract to a certain point. You’ll need to provide and bait, we all know that carp have a sweet tooth, this in the groundbait add ground crackers, biscuits, honey, different flavours strawberry, vanilla. The bait used is different, barley, dough, mash, a crust of bread, small corn. This time of year carp are not very prefer a worm, oparysha, but any body of water it could get and Vice versa.

In autumn, crucian carp bite is not active, but there are days when he’s cramming, the fishing is excellent, this time the fish takes on almost everything, but this time you need to get familiar with the pond, then can not go wrong.

From October to April next year, the carp are not biting as it is in hibernation, but there are exceptions, in warmer lakes, reservoirs, where there are discharges of warm water, carp can actively bite throughout the year.

Author: sergik13

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