A jig for bream

The bream fishing is probably the most popular variant of the winter fishing in Central Russia. Some fishermen are given this type of fishing, others are moving to more active methods of fishing, but still, several fishings in the season, they devote the bream fishing a jig. Major bodies of water, which you can catch bream is in the reservoir. Choosing the right venue determines 95% success rate. Bream on reservoirs fed in areas with a gradual decrease of the bottom. The bottom in such places is not heavily silted, oxygen saturation during the entire period of ice formation remains good, thereby creating favorable conditions for development of fodder bream – Zebra mussel and other objects. On a steep, steep drop offs into the mainstream and the mainstream bream to eat not like, and typically rests above the bottom.

First, you need to find direction, and on the basis of its location, begins a survey of the bottom. On popular waters, where daily catches a lot of fishermen are pretty easy to find, thanks to the established tents «Letnikov», the most promising point. But staying on them is not worth it, better to just use them as a hint for the search. And this is due to the fact that most often in these places, at the bottom, accumulates a large amount of bait that begins to turn sour, in consequence of which large fish leave them, leaving clean water. Using the depth gauge, you need to search for any bottom anomalies: edge, hill, «shelves». It is desirable to find a few interesting points, not the fact that they all work today, so you need to feed about 5-6 holes.

As a winter bait, use a mixture of soil, the amount of which can reach up to two thirds of the total amount and composition of the prepared bait brand manufacturers winter series. To this composition is added to feed bloodworms. Its volume is approximately 10-15% of the total. But you can increase its quantity, as a rule, the greater the amount of bloodworms, the more attractive it turns out the bait. Many anglers have the opportunity to feed one bloodworm and with great success using it.

The main goal after starting complementary feeding is an effective oblaivanie holes. The tactics of fishing is quite simple: a fisherman moves from one hole to the next, stopping only at those where there is an active bite. If within 5-10 minutes for the fish to bite on the next hole did not happen, you should move on to the next. So, for the first 2 hours, the angler defines the operating hole, which continues to catch the rest of the day.

Tackle for catching bream is quite simple. Fishing line is applied with a thickness of about 0.12 mm thicker to put is not necessary, but should not go into too much detail, it is possible that the hook may be a trophy bream. Lures are used the lead, as when fishing from the bottom of the advantages of tungsten are not so obvious, besides the weight of alarming the fish. Fishing technique is to position the jig on the bottom, with periodic UPS and wobbles near the bottom, makes it to fish faster noticed the bait.

The bream fishing on mormyshka one of the traditional types of fishing, is not very complex, but regularly brings the angler stunning catches.

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