A few words about the fishing line

How do we choose the line? First, of course, look at the labels and choose the desired thickness. For anybody not a secret that the fishing line is thinner and stronger, the better. How to protect yourself from fraud by unscrupulous manufacturer? Often stated strength and thickness does not correspond to reality. If strength can be checked, at least approximately, trying to break the fishing line on the website, then the thickness without accurate measurement tools to test hard. But there is a good way: winding a number of turns, for example a hundred, on the pencil. Winding is turn to turn. After that maximum accuracy measure the length of the winding finished and divide by the number of turns, we obtain the exact value of the thickness of the line.

It is also not necessary to forget, that the line is different in their rigidity. When we check it on the break, tying it the knot, we just check its stiffness. Fishing line does not like sharp bends.

Each time, preparing to fishing, experienced athlete cuts off a piece of the main fishing line with a length of about one meter and changes a leash, because the fishing line during the cast each time to deform about the throughput of the ring that rubs against the vegetation and rocks in the water, is under additional load when the toe gets damaged when playing a fish. That would eliminate the sudden interruption of the line, such a procedure should carry out even a beginner «water hunting».

How to tie two pieces of fishing line with minimal strength loss? There are many ways of binding, but it is necessary to remember that to connect two pieces of fishing line, which differ in thickness by more than 0.05 mm. will one of them, but there is a solution. For example, we need to connect two pieces of fishing line with a thickness of 0.15 and 0.3 mm. Between them, we insert two pieces of fishing line with a diameter of 0.2 mm and 0.25 mm in Such way will be possible to avoid an excessive difference in stiffness and significantly reduce the likelihood of breakage.

Personally, I like the line manufacturers such as Morris and Bayer, respectively, Japan and Germany.

There are a lot of subtleties when choosing a fishing line, but the basic rules I have shared with you.

Good luck on the water!


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