A few words about fishing for carp

What about the Karas? All know that the carp is a very tasty fish, especially those who often bathe him or catch.

For beginners it is important to know where to find him. There are two kinds of carp, and each of them has their own habitat: the Golden carp is found in small lakes and bolts, and silver — still and flowing waters. Usually the carp like quiet, secluded areas near the reeds. It is best to start fishing in April, early may is the time when the fish awakens from its long winter sleep.

It is best to look for a fishing spot in the shallow places near the shore — there the water is warmer, so there’s a lot of fish that strays in small flocks. To fishing was successful, it would be best to use a worm, bread, beetle, maggot.

In the South closer to may biting is weakened, the fish begins spawning period, and to the North of the spawning begins in June. Then you can start fishing from mid-June and early July, this time the good bits will be worm, bloodworms, steamed corn dough.

Carp are not very picky, so choosing a bait for him, you should not worry, there is a good bite. A simple worm and black bread perfectly suited his taste, it happens that in some places, just for them, he pecks.

Anise oil, lavrovishnja drops, honey and green cheese is good for sabriana bread. Earthworms are attracted especially large carp.

If the nozzle you are using a worm, then you need to wait exactly as long as the float is not fully will be in the water or until you go to the side. Cutting you need to do when the float is only slightly out of the water, but only if you plant the bait.

Fishing hooks mandatory. It should use bran, millet porridge, bread, and from time to time to throw to the float. Having a good sense of smell, this fish can detect smells from far away bait, especially in the summer season. Burdock, flax, hemp, aniseed, peppermint oil, and kerosene are great for this. Spring fertilizing should be close enough to the intended carp that he noticed her, but in the summer it is possible to successfully catch a few times, changing the place of fishing.

Karas is unique in that it is always unpredictable and bite different. It is known that the bite depends on the right conditions, not time. But most of the fishing will bring good luck towards noon, when the sun shines brightly, and even in the evening when it is cooler. He pecks as if quietly and unobtrusively, but all the same, if not yawn, it is possible to notice the bite and perform cutting.

When small fish are biting, the float quickly goes to the side on a course more stopping.

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