A few tricks summer fishing

Perhaps there is no fisherman who would refuse fishing from a young boiled potatoes. And hardly anyone even realize that the aroma and taste of this dish can attract fish in large enough quantities, mainly carp species, but will not give Chub, IDE, crucian carp and roach.

For fishing with a nozzle in the form of new potatoes, you should select the tubers are not larger than a walnut. The selected tubers cook in a little salted water, after boiling, the quick cooling is required.

It is necessary to plant potatoes on the hook, previously removed from the line, threading the leash through the Central part of the tuber, and then stick the hook into the potato to bend and back to tie to the line.

If you catch tinned, bright colors hooks, the cooked tuber is necessary to clean all fishing in the dark hooks involves the incomplete cleaning of the potatoes, leaving the rags of skin on the surface of half a potato.

Some tips for fishing in the warmer time of the year.

The proper organisation of the night. When the weather is hot, you can sleep under the open sky, lightly covered with the same raincoat. And in the cool season in advance is necessary to ignite a big fire with an area of up to 2m, after his burn-out to cook dinner, moving in the direction of the wind for a few meters and then to kindle. And at that place make up the bed, pre-clearing of coal.

Fishing regulations. Every self-respecting fisherman will always pass the place where you catch others. And he shall spread forth gear about 10 meters. Championship fishing is not only already abandoned gear, but abandoned bags of lures/bait. Only with prior authorization from the fish there.

Unique bait for predatory species of fish — the blood of animals. In elastic capacity (suitable as animal entrails) to pour liquid blood. The blood clotted you must first pour water and then pour into a container, which is then knotted and a sharp object punctured slightly. Such a bait should be near the float.

Do not forget about the use of scented baits, most fish, treats them with great care.

The most ideal places for fishing:

• Pits in small rivers;

• Wide Bay — narrow ;

• The Straits — in a standing and quiet waters.

• Spills — water bodies with fast-flowing water;

• On the limits of the rocks, the stranded, the areas, distant from the shore the water – deep reservoirs

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