A few tips for beginners

First and foremost, novice fishermen are concerned about the choice of gear. But, of course, for the first fishing don’t need to buy a professional fishing rods. Only two of the usual rods. And for fishing in rivers with a large flow, it is advisable to purchase hard fishing rods for ground tackle. If you get to places you need to transport, but the rods have to be complicated.

It is desirable to have three different fishing lines. Fine for catching bait and other small fish, the fishing line of medium thickness for carp, perch, and a thick fishing line for catching large fish.

The float can be done independently, it will require pen and tube.

The stock hooks should be large, with it, it is desirable that the hooks were different sizes.

Particularly relevant to the fishing: what bait to catch?

Each species of fish prefers a different food, though often their tastes are the same. It so happens that their taste preferences change throughout the day several times.

Spring is the perfect showerhead is the earthworm. It is effective in the absence of other food in the pond, and after the rains a lot of the worms is in the water. As soon as the insects, most fish instantly switches on them.

Going after a particular fish on the pond, you need to consider the presence of other fish. For example, if the pond many ruffs, to catch bream on bread the nozzle impossible. To weed out the ruff, you need to use a pea, which is loved by bream.

To weed out the small fish biting, you need to increase the size of the bait.

If the water is muddy, the bait should be bright, smells good, and clear water it does not matter.

It is very important to choose the right place for fishing. Before fishing, you need to know what fish live in the pond, and study their way of life.

Good fishing spots change with every season. In the spring fish choose small areas of the reservoir that are well warmed up by the sun, in hot weather fish hiding in the depth or in the shade, and in winter, fish go deep, because the temperature is more stable.

Rods need to be put on the stand and not in the water. Rod designed in the water, scare the fish.

If there is a need, the fisherman have to share gear with a friend.

It is not necessary to brag about the catch and don’t have to hide catchability bait.

Do not take fishing alcohol, because the fisherman who is in a state of alcoholic intoxication, control, response and care is deteriorating, and can’t wait for a good catch.

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