A double-barreled shotgun TOZ-BM, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

TOZ-BM is the double-barreled shotgun designed for hunting, and according to their design characteristics, it resembles TOZ-B, with some modifications. First, TOZ-BM was able to achieve high characteristics of strength and reliability. Predominantly guns of this model were produced in 16 gauge and in some cases, 20 gauge. Stem channels have a standard contraction, but rather polochak Chok. If you specify this characteristic rifles, caliber sixteen the magnitude of the contraction was 0.25 and 0.5 mm. Although the narrowing of the muzzle can be run in a rather large range, in practice they constitute an amount of from 0.25 mm to 1.20 mm.

The rifle TOZ-BM, like its predecessor of TOZ-B, set the locks of the backing type. Rifle barrels have a triple lock: the upper (bolt Griner), bottom (frame Purdue) and using two hooks under the barrel. After performing the shooting of the chicken, in automatic mode, shall be established in accordance with security platoon. Rifle handguard has a lever-type valve which is made of metal. For manufacturing a bed used hardwoods, such as beech, birch, and release of exclusive samples used walnut. In hunting rifles this model, neck butt had three shapes – straight, polupoltina and pistol.

A double-barreled shotgun TOZ-BM, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Table gun by its length is from 700 to 725 mm, and the guns of 16 caliber – 750 mm, weight 3.25 kg. Weight TOZ-BM 20 gauge is 2.75 kilograms. Due to the use in the design of the gun very stiff firing spring, cocking Kurkov need some effort. In this case the trigger hooks are extremely elastic and when pressed, produce a very short movement, eliminating idling. When production of this model hunting rifle, the stem channels were not premirovalis and for that reason greatly subjected to corrosion. The aim lath and a front sight made of brass very comfortable when shooting, including offhand. Features of rear sight is that it has a knurled anti-glare type, which is a notch in the form of transverse lines, which allows you to aim well in bright sunlight. Model rifle TOZ-BM, and requires no special difficulties in caring, easily assembled and disassembled, and does not occupy much space during transportation. An example of the big guns ideality is different, but users of specific complaints in his direction did not speak. The rear part of the butt is closed by totalincome of blackened die-cast metal or plastic.

The disadvantage of this model is the low processing quality, as well as a good fight. In practice, there are guns where poorly executed processes of fitting and filing, and this is a bad fight. And the use of Hanera bolt in a locking device of the gun requires collectors of high qualification and quality of work. Otherwise, the device will not be able to fully function. As for the benefits of this gun, the first is very high repair suitability, reliability and long life. Attachment of all structural components of the gun by screws, the presence of the side boards of the castles – all this makes it easy to have access to any of the repair mechanism. For the majority of huntsmen and hunters with invaluable agnosti was the lack of safety devices that were beneficial at the time of rendering the weapons in a combat situation.

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