A double-barreled shotgun MP-233 for the sport, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Today we decided to talk about the base model brand new gun, which could be attributed to sport-hunting class. In this rifle there are a large number of constructive solutions from the well-known IZH-27M, only the new elements were made for the new standards, which were aimed at ensuring better adaptation to all requests from the consumers of different categories. Or rather, we can confidently say that the producers decided to hold not only the supernova gun, but also to achieve a large audience that, in principle, they managed to do. Let us now turn to a more detailed review of the new rifle Mr-233, because it has a number of completely new mechanisms and design solutions.

First, the firing mechanism of the gun the MP-233 is a special detachable unit, in fact it’s a positive thing, because at any time there is an opportunity to lubricate or clean it, but there are some dangers in terms of it concerns the improper installation of the trigger or just from improper storage. If you are the owner of this gun, then you definitely need to know about the nuances that actually bear the high risk and, in particular, can completely incapacitate your shotgun.

Secondly, the receiver unit has a special compensating holes, which are in redchocobo area, respectively, you can immediately identify that the unit is equipped with a ventilated wide strap, and fluorochrome the fly, all it is able to significantly increase the level of comfort when shooting, and also gives the maximum probability that you will be able to hit a moving target with one shot. Of course all this will depend not only on what gun you will use in the shots, but also your professional skills.

Third, the case became much better, it has more ergonomics with a ledge that fits perfectly in the palm, and the ledge is on the butt handle is equipped with a neck, which has definitely improved shock absorber with plastic heel. Accordingly, we can determine that with this type of gun is very comfortable to shoot offhand, and in some cases hunting is a must.

Now Let’s analyze in detail the time, what are the options of the trigger currently being offered for model Mr-233, and then they have a few. The first is the usual dvuhruchevoj mechanism, it really makes no sense to speak as if you have ever experienced with guns, then surely you know how it works and what part of gun it is. There is also the option of one mechanism, which is able to adjust the sequence of shots. And of course universal trigger mechanism which contains two trigger, it is capable of almost every operation of the mechanism, but rather we are talking about the first and second option.

As this gun is not the cheapest option, so the material of the stock, and forend, was made of high quality walnut, which, however, is not surprising. Also in the configuration of the arms may be a few muzzle attachments, but here all will depend only on your wishes and the decision whether you need such extras. However, the gun is really high quality and has high characteristics, so if you want to buy a gun, then we encourage you to consider this option.

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