A double-barrel IZH — 26, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Il — 26 is a rifle best suited for hunting, double-barreled type, which has vodopadu the position of the trunks. The model years 1969-1975.

Is a gun that has two barrels, twelve-gauge, based with the butt of his rifle IZH-54. This rifle is perfect for any kind of hunting, but also for beginners Amateur and professional hunters. Very convenient that Il — 26 can shoot any type of gunpowder, as smoky and smokeless.

Double-barreled gun IZH — 26 been tested in production. The test lies in the fact that the guns used specifically amplified the charge of gunpowder (smokeless necessarily), which develops in the channels of the trunks to block the dismantled guns, 900 pounds per square inch, and when assembled the gun 850 kilograms per square centimeter.

Quite an old model gun IZH-26 and IZH shotgun — 26 E was carried out as in large parties and in artificial order. This is a hunting rifle with two barrels had not lost in the performance of even the best and most popular models and manufacturers of this class. IZH — 26 and IZH 26 E was in demand on the domestic and even the foreign market (about 200 000 pieces of weapons were sold abroad).

Special characteristics double-barreled fowling piece IZH — 26:

1. Length of barrels is 725-730 millimeters;

2. The length of the bolts is equal to 70 millimeters;

3. The barrels and bolts be sure chrome;

4. The right barrel has a muzzle narrowing of the size 0.5 mm — polochak;

5. The left barrel has a muzzle narrowing the size of one millimeter is full choke.

6. The right barrel has the accuracy of the battle 55%;

7. The left barrel has accuracy of 65%;

8. Weight arms double barrel IZH-26 is 3.3 kg.

IZH — 26TH differs from the IZH — 26 in that it has a special ejector mechanism, which simplifies the work with such weapons. This mechanism is installed on the trunks of extractors and strikers with coil springs. Hunting rifle IZH — 26TH was conceived as an independent model and not as a new, improved model of the old predecessor, the IZH-54. New gun is made quite easier and it is much easier to assemble and disassemble.

The trunks are connected with breech coupling between the receiver plates, and the famous bolt Griner was replaced by a special locking bar that is pushed on top of the protruding bar of the sight, when You close the gun.

Hunting rifles, with two guns, IZH-26 and IZH-26TH tested to use and therefore are very reliable for almost any hunting work using all types of ammo. You can take this rifle in any time of the year to use them in any latitude of the planet.

From the time of manufacture, this weapon leaves only good user reviews.

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