A detailed story about hunting knife «Norway»,its characteristics

This model knife can surely be traced back to the Northern type, which is characterized by high flexibility. Main technical characteristics of the knife are as follows: the handle along its length is 110 mm, maximum blade thickness 4.2 mm, width 28 mm, length of the butt of the blade – 107 mm, blade length – 112 mm

On the handle of the knife is not observed any presence of metal, only the birch cap with a fairly good texture. Wood for the handle selected from a solid piece of wood gnarled face type. From visible stars rays microscopic cracks that give a menacing and, at the same time, complex pattern. The vertical plane has a small fungus, but resistant details on the handle are missing. The fungus is much more pronounced in the plane horizontally.

Some inconvenience at first, creates a large width of the handle is closer to the beginning of the fungus, the little finger is a little away from the palm. Some hunters, this state of Affairs raises the temptation to make the handle recess under the finger. However, experts advise not to jump to conclusions, and get used to a handle of the «knife-man» as he was called «Norway». Treatment handle made manufacturer of very high quality, it’s soaked and tinted at the highest level.

Even the repeated fall of the knife from a great height onto a hard surface (rocks), no defect in the form of a crack or scratch is not observed. Maximum convenience pen creates when power planing, it is here that the recess under the little finger would be superfluous. Good whatisthat handles and the overall weight of the knife allow you to perform cut actions.

The blade is forged from steel grade X12, from forging a trail in the demo the form of left on the right side. Quite stylishly done descents from the middle of the knife, in parallel lines to the blade. Obushok blade not in a straight line, from the back he’s a little «hangs», then is a straight line, and only slightly up to the top near the tip of the knife blade. Lines of the butt in combination with the forms of lines of the downs look very pretty and natural. The tip of the blade is very convenient to perform the trimming in the cutting of meat of a wild beast in limbo.

This knife is almost impossible to spoil even the pelt of a hare. Cutting properties of the blade are quite good. Fish and meat with a knife, «Norway» process is very easy when you work with a living tree with a sword blade, no changes occur, but the white swimmers in the frozen state, the blade beginning to slowly but surely get hooked. Sharpen and edit the model of the knife should be in the diamond circle. Hard steel diamond comes in layers and the right direction, while good heard easy rustle. It is very important to the hunter to know the face of the sharpening of the blade, and «reground».

If novice hunters not enough knowledge and skills in sharpening knives designed for hunting, it is best to use the services of a professional to the end not to spoil this very useful hunting accessory. It is not recommended to use a knife for picking mushrooms, especially boletus and aspen, as the blade eventually appear dark gray characteristic spots, which later may be raised only by the hot oil.

A sheath for a knife «Norway» made of thick leather material, when moisture and mechanical loads preclude their twisting and bruising. The seam on the sheath is located in the back of the blade from the side, and fastened with traditional keypad, they click. The sheath for the knife mounted on the waist belt on the right, although every hunter does fit fastening personally for yourself.

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