A detailed description of how to properly clean and lubricate the weapon

A detailed description of how to properly clean and lubricate the weapon

To properly tackle the task: lubricate Grabovoi weapon, You must have:

wooden ramrod;

— part cleaning rod;

— hard brush;

— a special brush, which consists of soft wire;

— visher;

— cotton rags (or You can replace them with bandages, linen noils);

— alkaline composition;

— special grease for weapons;

pure vaseline or a special fat cannon;

You can clean your weapon:

1. In the summer, if you shoot the powder without smoke. This can be done on the first long-term break. And in the evening, in winter or at night.

2. Even if shooting was not, at the end of the hunt you should always clean your weapon.

3. After a workout on the bench.

4. Have cleaned the barrel after each shot while shooting, clean the guns need only at the end.

5. If You are not using a weapon, you have to clean it every month. It is made of cotton rags and brushes, pre-moistened their alkaline composition, alternating with dry rags. The barrel be cleaned with a special slalom, which is wound with the cloth, moving this special stick forward and back, from the Treasury to the exit.

After how to spend 3-4 rags, the entrance is a special brush with bristles, soaked in an alkaline solution, and then fasten everything with a dry cloth, until you see a trace of lead or carbon. In the end, be sure to lubricate the bore with grease.

If you saw the spots of lead, then be sure to clean the barrel with a soft wire brush, and every day, for 7 days, carry out preventive cleaning. If the marks appeared again, then perform a complete cleaning of the internal bore.

After the end of the shooting season, be sure to rinse the gun barrel in hot soapy water. You can put a piece of soap in a convenient bowl and cover it with boiling water. To wind the cloth on the cleaning rod, and immersed in water with soap, and then take the weapon in your left hand and wipe the barrels with a rag. Remember that trunks is to clean only from the breech.

There is another option of gun cleaning before storing. For this You need a cotton cloth, also wound on the rod. Cleaning rod rags need to move through the channel and to rotate in chokes 5-6 times around its axis. After that, be sure to moisten bristle brush army in lye, and carefully wipe the channels of the trunk. Then leave the gun on the day, sometimes turning it within 24 hours. After the time to clean all svincovye and do the cleaning again, only to have the left arms, rubbed with lye, for about 2-3 days. After, wipe clean with rags washed clean brush or gun grease.

Rust can be removed with the following solution: take a bottle of kerosene there is added salt (1 sec. L.), previously thoroughly dried it on the stove. Leave for 24 hours. After pour into a clean bottle.

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