A detailed description of how to hunt grouse with the approach

Grouse is considered a desirable game for each of the hunters, that this bird is also considered to be the largest forest game birds. Capercaillie current happens in the beginning of spring, but in areas of our country, Bashkiria and the southern Urals, the capercaillie current happens in the summer — July-August. Taste the meat of a young grouse is very easy and pleasant.

Currently there are the following types of hunting this bird:

hunting for spring roosters when I have to shoot on the current;

hunting in the fall on old wood. This type of hunting is best done with the participation of dogs from the Spaniel or husky;

hunting grouse in the fall. Shoot them when departing for a feeding.

Kind of hunting for grouse in the spring-current, from the approach

The hunting for grouse is considered the most interesting and the most sports, need a manifestation of the hunter’s many qualities, such as high voltage, precision, endurance, patience.

For this hunt we need to move in the night and hunt down the grouse, which is singing. Need to silently walk through the forest, and try for the greatest opportunity to get close to the grouse, continue to wait until you’re lighter and just shoot him! In this case the great value has the accuracy and precision.

Capercaillie Lek at night and relatively early season starts, mainly to see the beginning of the first current in the country starting around March, although the woods still have snow. To find the place, you must visit the forest in the daytime, as the bird usually leaves the Lek and the outline of his tail in the snow, they are easy to detect and remember these places for the future.

Basically this bird is on older trees, the deaf vicinity and around hog swamp, in the hills, which are covered with pine trees and shrubs gustny type. Lek grouse in the trees, mainly on the tops. After song, the morning, the capercaillie and the female fly down to the ground and continue to dance on the lawn. Despite the time love games, birds are easily scared and very sensitive acting. Therefore, to ensure that the shot was successful, it is necessary to find the distance and prepare for the dawn.

To determine the place of hunting need another night to carefully get into the woods and watch the evening flight of the grouse. This type of intelligence is called «Vecherinka». About eight o’clock in the evening, hunter can be seen the rise of birds. But in the evening they are thin ten minutes and grouse hiding in the dark. In the evening you should not try to shoot the bird. It’ll only make things worse. If you shoot in the evening, the grouse get scared and they may for a long time, if ever to change these locations.

A place of singing and counting how many birds will arrive, and if possible specify where they sit, then the hunter must leave these places, to go for 1.5 km and get ready for bed. If the terrain is very deaf, you can move for 0.5 km. to Sleep better in the ravine that the inhabitants of the forest did not hear and did not see the fire.

Start hunting better to start with night, an hour before daylight, care should be taken to get closer to the place current. Coming up on one hundred-one hundred fifty metres, you need to stop and listen to the sounds of the started current. Singing wood grouse can be heard over a distance of about two hundred meters. Mostly the singing begins after the cries of cranes and woodcock.

The capercaillie song is unique and has three parts: the first is similar to a metallic sound «Duck» second contract «That, this, that, Taka!». At the first click, the hunter needs to sit quietly, grouse after the first part is listening to the forest and from the small rustle will fly the whole pack. After that, the bird goes to the second part.

After that the grouse will now proceed to the third part — «Kichura, kichura» and must act, as the bird at the moment without hearing and you can move closer. But you must do it very carefully.

After a short period of time the grouses begin to sing without stopping. After they have sung, you can make a few quick steps and stay in place. It is worth remembering that bird, though not of hearing, but her eyesight is good and out into open spaces, which is impossible.

You must stop the approach to the bird before turning will stop, because at the last moment, the bird just heard the hunter. Often grouse ceases to sing gratuitously, and pauses.

You must freeze in place, and after another the songs continue to move.

The bird sings often moving from branch to branch, spinning and this is a mistake for the hunter. After the approach to the bird, you must prepare in position for the shot. Shoot only in the singing of grouse! If there is a miss, the birds can not hear and will not fly. The shot should be a gun powerful level and only bullet. It is necessary to aim in the area of the flanks under the wings, and in the case of the ability of the gun to the head.

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