A detailed description of how to hunt a Fox with the approach.

Hunting Fox with the approach recommended in cloudy, windy day, before the small animal is on the couch. In conditions cloudy and dry weather animal less cautious, and the hunt is successful. In calm weather to approach the Fox’s shot is only possible by chance. In windy is a more probable success, the most important is to see the beast. When there is a cold and clear Fox long travels, and prone to difficult to approach her with her sensitively. Fox rarely lies down to spend the day in the field and hastens to hide with the coming of dawn.

A hunter in a camouflage suit go to the places of frequent stay of the beast. In complete silence with caution he carefully examines the area. It is necessary to use a good pair of binoculars – it is important to see a Fox. The lenses should transmit light of blue and red spectrum, they have a red-blue hue. In cloudy weather it will definitely help.

In search of the Fox, the hunter should approach from downwind. Usually Fox gets a meter from the top of the ravine. Seeing the Fox, the hunter must carefully approach to a distance shot. If the animal hid in a wide ravine, the hunter must quietly go and get out of there, where he saw the Fox. If the ravine line, we need to go not only along the shore, and a kind of semi-circles when viewing the opposite direction in search of foxes. So it will be able to detect and take. Otherwise Fox before notice of the hunter and go – have animal with excellent hearing and feeling.

A detailed description of how to hunt a Fox with the approach.

Harder is hunting, when the Fox took cover in the dense thickets. Here it is necessary to bypass them and move in parallel within a certain range freely on open distance until you find a Fox.

It is necessary to have a gun with sharp and heap fight. Here it is possible to use the shotgun or semi-automatic 12 gauge. Sharpness is recommended to achieve the increase of the number fractions. Often the shots are fired from a distance of 45-50 metres.

Different choice for hunting rifles. The type and characteristics should correspond to very certain requirements (to allow you to successfully hit the target area of 700 cm? at a distance of 200-300 meters).

It is recommended to use optical sight with a magnification of greater than 6, and even better – with peremennoy. Small used when searching for animal – in the binoculars mode. When shooting it is necessary to set the maximum multiplicity. Weapons must be pre-zeroed.

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