A detailed account of the Bushman knives,area of application and specifications

Today we can say with confidence that there are only three models of Bushman knife, two models represent the leaf shape (one is larger), and the third with boybritney handle. The latest model however, do not have such high popularity, in relation to the first two, but still there are buyers and it. This product currently enjoys immense popularity, and in connection with this, you can find them in almost any hunting or specialty store. Deliver these goods to the stores in small batches, so they can deal directly as the first day, so if you decided to buy one of the models of this knife, then we recommend to make a pre-order in the online shop or the nearest hunting store.

Let’s talk a little about packaging. The packaging is a grey-blue box is small, which is made of cardboard. On the box naturally drawn the knife, as well as the African hunter, that, in General, looks not so bad. On the back you can see in addition to the warranty conditions, also a small historical note.

The very design of the knife is very simple but at the same time it can be attributed to the original because the knife itself is made from a single sheet of metal. Knife design probably will not be able to break as the metal is, the producers really choose with high performance characteristics. During the inspection of the knife you will notice a small red sticker, which indicates that the knife was made of carbon material, and accordingly, if the owner of the knife will not take the natural care of him, then he will gradually begin to rust, even though the coating that was put by the manufacturer. Also, the manufacturer stated that the warranty will not apply if the knife will rust. The knife is produced in China, however, it is not hidden by the manufacturer.

Note that the fully processed with a special paint, which can be attributed to the protective coating. The paint used is special, which prevents various damages, including, it concerns and scratches. The bed knife in hand, you can feel how it good it is, with the right appearance, it would seem that the handle will be very cold, but it is not so. The factory sharpening is made with really high quality, the knife is very sharp and seen with concave slopes, sharpened it for a long time.

A detailed account of the Bushman knives,area of application and specifications

Let’s now talk about the characteristics and the parameters of the Bushman knife. Its length is 305 mm, and the length of the sharpened part only 162 mm. The greatest width was discovered on the blade, it is 42 mm. However, what is not too big and perfect for hunting, fishing, and conventional campaigns.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this knife is of course the handle. It has a slightly conical shape and is made integral, in General if you start to put applications, it is somewhat similar to a bayonet shovel. Rather, it is necessary to ensure that, in General, the contained moisture, and in case it gets to the core, to have the opportunity to wipe dry. Please note that at the very bottom of the handle there is a subtle hole, it is necessary for nails or screws. After all, if the main feature of this product, it is that you can create a handle to it and, in General, than had become a real spear.

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