A carp on the feeder

Fishing for carp has long been included in the list of the best fishing, both among fans of feeder, and among the poplavochnikov. Crucian carp is considered to be rather passive and lethargic, and prefer quiet water. Unlike their relatives from the family of roach and bream. However, we can see enough animals. Try to conquer and for fast water.

Fishing should start with cooking foods, which can be used both homemade and ready-mix. Ready mix can be called cheap but they are worth it because of its significant efficiency, especially for catching large animals. However, not all have the opportunity to buy the bait or tackle, in such cases it is necessary to turn on your imagination.

Homemade feeder feeding concedes nothing to its aromatic qualities, purchase. Especially when preparing combined foods, which includes a few ingredients such as ground oatmeal, crackers, cookies and many other flavorful components. Although it may be appropriate complementary feeding with slightly undercooked wheat grits with the addition of boiled peas with no butter or garlic.

Spreading the lure in the desired place, you are ready to throw the marker to the load, trying to throw closer to the opposite shore. It is possible to mentally calculate the flight speed and the subsequent fall to the bottom of the reservoir. Calculate the approximate depth at which submerged weights you can try to check the bottom for debris and generally, the degree of clogging.

This requires carefully slightly to drag the sinker along the bottom, where there is a shell and other garbage will be felt rising to the surface of silt or multiple bubbles. There will be only hard to fix my line, on the basis of the coil in the clip with a durable Teflon coating and thoroughly prepare the site, which will be implemented by the whole fishing process. Most importantly, do not forget to put the lure at the selected location.

The feeder fishing is the most successful in the autumn-winter period, when most fish goes to the depth far from shore. In the cold biting at carp increases significantly, so do not spare foods. Often in the cold you can catch large animals using the bait feeder in combination with animal foods. The best nozzle to use maggots or bloodworms. During the cold season, feeding should be as hearty.

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