8 principles of successful fishing

Any fisherman knows that a good bite is rare. Every fishing enthusiast has their favorite place. But there are not always caught fish. It happens, sit down on your luck, and then suddenly good bite. Want to reveal eight secrets of successful fishing from fishermen.


1. The best time for fishing is spring. Why? Because when spring comes, the sun begins to warm the coast well. The water begins to melt, but still it is still cold. And so the fish have to be closer to the shore, where it’s warm.

2. Smoking. If you smoke, throw it. Fish can not stand the smell of cigarette smoke. If you will be stained fingers, strung on a fishing pole, bait, and even climb into the water with a cigarette, that biting you will not see.

3. The condition of the gear. Forget about a brilliant sinker, large or small hook. It should be as naturally be combined with a local body of water. Be sure to determine what type of fish you plan to catch and in its settings choose hook.

4. Poplar fluff – the main enemy of the fisherman. Because when Cottonwood fluff begins to cover the pond, the fish begins to eat and of course she does not bite. As they say: «May and June – the fish spit!».

5. A full month. Many anglers adhere to the principle that the full moon, fishing is canceled because of the bite not wait. But it’s likely just luck.

6. The silence mode. This should always be remembered. No sudden movements and loud music. You sit and wait.

7. The bite at dawn. If you’re going fishing, it is best to go in the morning. At lunchtime, when the most heat, you are likely wasting your time.

8. Atmospheric pressure greatly affects the bite. It negatively affects not only the person, but also on the fish. High and low atmospheric pressure causes the fish to forget about nutrition. Also makes you starve the fish and sudden changes in pressure. No matter how you tried, the fish caught will not. It would be better if the pressure front. Make sure in advance.

Principles a lot of fishing and each fisherman has their secrets, but if you love to fish, then over time you will have your own secrets of fishing.

Good luck!

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