10 important tips for catching trophy bass

When catching large perch weighing more than a kilogram and a size of 30 cm many anglers skip a beat starts beating heart, and eyes just glow with happiness. It happens very rarely, as large «whale» to catch is not so easy. No wonder he lived in the aquatic environment 10-15 years, maybe more. But you can increase the chances of finding him by following simple tips.

1. Use the pencil bait. Do not be afraid to put the Twister in 12-15 inches on the head, because if a bass is hungry – he doesn’t miss it. Also it is possible to eliminate the «knocking» small predators. It is rarely that perch of 20 cm is chasing a bait. 2. Discard steel leashes. Quality use clear monofilament fishing line diameter 0.25-0.35 mm. Large this species is very shy and if you equip gear with another carrier (mono or jade), the effectiveness of the strikes will decrease significantly.

3. Podkladyvaya bait made of silicone. It often happens that the predator catches only the back of the bait and charges it with a jig head. To avoid such unpleasant situations vibrohvost fixed with superglue.

4. Make casts near snags, shrubs and trees. These places have always attracted a perch, quite possible that somewhere lurking here a big «stripey». Making sure that the angle between the rod and the bait. It should always be sharp, otherwise you will not be able to avoid a large number of hooks.

5. If you catch perch from the bottom, do not use the gaming equipment. Take spinners-wersalki with a feather, or Twister with actively moving tail.

6. Do not use additional tees that can affect the naturalness of the game bait. Instead, try a hook-jig head, insert the bait so that the sting went out right in the middle of a shad.

7. Follow the sharpness of the hooks, because the water they are in contact with driftwood, stones, kelp, rakosnicek, and can erode. Sharpen them before each fishing trip and change as needed.

8. Perch are very sensitive to vibrations, so the course of the bait should be as natural.

9. «Gorbach» well-feeling vibration noise of the capsule. Therefore vibrohvosta use them when bass are inactive and lazy is resting on the bottom.

10. Trophy perch in most cases more active in the evening and looking for small fish not in the water column and on its surface, therefore, should be reserved and Popera.

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