Zucchini zucchini

zucchini zucchini

Modern gardeners increasingly prefer zucchini zucchini.

This happens for several reasons.

Zucchini zucchini have a high yield and precocity.

They are disease resistant and stores well. Well and plus is a product dieticheskie high – nutritional value.

Zucchini zucchini contain different b vitamins, ascorbic acid, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, calcium, and extremely easily digested by the body.

Best taste have young zucchini. Thanks to low-calorie nutritional value of zucchini zucchini are part of various diets for weight loss.

Zucchini is no different from the usual zucchini in complexity of cultivation.

Fruit squash zucchini and the usual very similar, have an oblong elongated shape. It is advisable not to wait for the zucchini will become overgrown, harvest when they reach a length of 20-30cm.

Young ovaries of 12-15cm. many salads use raw. Colouring of the rind at zucchini dark green, with yellow stripes.

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