Zucchini varieties for cultivation in the country (early maturing, mid-season)

varieties of zucchini - aeronaut

Zucchini belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae.

The plant is an annual and one of the most demanding among vegetable crops.

It is undemanding to soil, cold-tolerant, with minimal care gives a stable harvest can be stored for a long time at home.

There are many different varieties (early maturing, mid-season) fruits of different colors.

Varieties of courgettes

Choosing a variety of squash to grow on your house, it is better to navigate its origin. It is important to match the characteristics of your region of residence, then you will be able to get a good harvest.

For regions with short cold summer and zucchini are recommended early maturing varieties, and in the South, well grown specimens longer growing season.

Aeronaut – grade zucchini, Bush, compact. Great for outdoor cultivation. Early variety, from germination to harvest is 1.5 months.

The fruits of cylindrical shape with dark green color and smooth surface. Weight up to 1.5 kg of courgettes. The flesh is juicy, white, the skin is thin.

Aeronaut, resistant to many viral diseases, resists mildew. Suitable for any food, including canning.

White – ultra-fast variety, ripening period of about 40 days. The yield is high, the fruit average of 0.6-1kg. «White» resistant to many diseases, suitable for many types of dishes. Good long shelf life. Different taste and juicy flesh.

Belogor F1is a Compact plant with a short main escape. High yields of up to 17kg. per sq. m. Designed primarily for growing vegetable marrows in the open field.

Early maturing variety, vegetation period is 45-55 days. Fruits up to 1kg with a thin solid rind, and greenish-white flesh. Very tasty. Suitable for any processing.

Waterfall F1 – early variety of zucchini. From germination to harvest approximately 42dnya. Plant Bush

varieties of zucchini - Zebra

with one whip.

Fruit to 0.5 kg,of cylindrical shape with a smooth green surface. Resistant to many garden diseases. Suitable mainly for canning.

Gribovka 37 – Bush form, strongly ramified. The middle-grade to technical maturity of 2 months. Designed for outdoor cultivation.

Zucchini light green with a solid crust, the pulp is bright. Suitable for all types of cooking.

Zebra – Bush variety zucchini zucchini. Form compact shrub. Early maturing for about 40days. Fruit weighing 500g. light green with dark stripes.

The flesh is juicy, whitish-yellow. Very productive and hardy. Suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and outdoors.

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